Sunday, January 15, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ January 11th, 2017 ~ We'll Try Again Tomorrow ~

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I've Slept Almost All Day Wednesday. I've Been Having Issues Sleeping at Night and Spend Most of My Night Going Back and Forth From the Living Room and Bed Room. I've Pushed Myself All Week to Get Somethings Marked Off My To-Do List & Today, it ALL Caught Up with Me.
Don't Beat Yourself Up When Your Body or Mind Already Are, LoL. Do Your Best for Who You Are, Where You Are and What Resources You Have. Today My Best Was Not Passing Out While Brushing My Teeth. Not Everyones "Best" is Going to Be The Same or Even Note Worthy. Again, One of the Many Reasons Comparison is a Liar & a Thief. You Do You, Honey!!!
If Today it Doesn't Goes as Hoped or Planned, Take Rest, Try Again Tomorrow.

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