Monday, January 30, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ My Bloody Valentine ~ January 30th, 2017 ~

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By Now My Friends/Followers/Fam Know That I Begin Posting About Valentines Around this Time. Gift Ideas, Fashion Ideas, Date Ideas, Etc. My Posts Aren't Just for Those in A Romantic Relationship. Often The Things I Suggest Would Be Nice to #TreatYoSelf With!!!!

One of My Motto's is Why Wait on Someone Else to Enjoy the Things I Enjoy or to Spoil Me?! Sometimes Ya Gotta Buy Your Own Dang Flowers!!! And Honey, Ain't Nothing Wrong w That!!!!
However, This Year in Addition to Pointing Back to #PastPosts I Wanna Give a Few More "Alternative" Ways to Celebrate.

While this #PinterstGram is Hilarious to Me, Its Also Kinda True. I Am OP Blood Type. Meaning Anyone Can Accept it in an Emergency, but if I Need a Transfusion I Can ONLY Have Blood the Same Type as Mine. Universal Donor, is the Specific Name. Anyway, This Year For Valentines How 'Bout You Do Some Donating??!!!! If You Haven't Been Typed They Usually Can Do That When You Donate & Will Mail You the Results/Official Donor Card Later. What's a More Beautiful Way to Celebrate a Day of Love Than By Donating Something That Could Save a Life??!!!!

Head Over to  or or Contact Your Local Hospital, Health Dept. or Personal Physician to Find Out More Specifically Where/When/How You Can Donate!!!!

To Check Out Past Posts on Valentines Date, Gifts, Fashion, Acts of Service Ideas, Simply Type "Valentines" into the Blogs Search Bar and A List of Past Posts Should Appear for You to Scroll.

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