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~ New Music Monday ~ January 16th, 2017 ~ Starting 2017 with Some "Man Crush Monday" ~

We Are Starting This Weeks #NewMusicMonday with Some Rather Annoying Business. So lets get right to it.......
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Fake Kip Moore Instagram Account
Note the lack of "official" verification by Instagram.

Attention #NewMusicMonday Readers and Fellow #MusicAddix: Be Aware there is ANOTHER Freakin' Fake Account Bugging #KipMoore Fans/Followers. Report Them. Block Them. Move On.  Don't Let the Wanna Be's Trick Ya!

"OFFICIAL" Artist Pages are Verified by @instagram with a Little Blue Check Beside Their Handle. Both Facebook and Twitter Verify "Official" Artists Pages Similarly. @kipmooremusic Isn't the Only Artist That Has to Deal with Such Annoyances, but Being An Alert Fan Can Help Lessen These Irritants. A Verified Artist Isn't Gonna DM/PM You to Discuss......Well Pretty Much Anything, but They For Sure Aren't Going to Ask You For Money, Set Up A Meet for You to Hide Money For Them, or Really, Truthfully, Anything Else. If It Feels Even the Littlest Bit Shady, it Probably is.

~ Official #KipMooreMusic Instagram ~
Note the Blue Check Symbolizing that this
account has been "Officially" verified by #Instagram.

This form of verification is universal for artists. It isn't just the Kip accounts. All "Official" artists pages are verified in this way, with the blue check. These verified socials are sometimes ran by a member of the artists team, but it isn't unusual for an artist to be highly active on their socials by doing real time postings, communication back and forth with fans, posting pics and making personal recommendations, sentiments, etc.

I Expound on the Topic of Trolls, Haters, Wanna Be's and How to Help Create and Keep a Safe Virtual Environment for Fans. You Can Read These Past Post by Clicking HERE and HERE . Both Posts are a Bit Lengthy Intentionally. I Hope to Have Covered Enough Bases that Even the Newest of Social Media User Can Understand. Let Me Know if You Have Any Questions or Suggestions. Happy Social Media~ing!!! Be Aware. Be Safe. Rock On

While we are on the topic of Kip I thought it only appropriate to share, "My Kind" from his latest EP released in October.The lyrics to the "My Kind" track feel especially appropriate with all the trolls spending their days and nights making fake accounts, "And we take kind to strangers, til they don't take kind to us. So there ain't no need to get a little rowdy, settle down, we'll have a good time. I'll make you a promise, if you're lookin for trouble to find, you're gonna get it, from me and my kind,".

Kip Moore - "My Kind"
fr "Underground EP" 

Moore has a new single slated for a potential release in January and a possible full album drop in late Spring or early Summer. Moore and the Slow Hearts return to their road shows in early March. Until then, #NewMusicMonday highlighted the entire "Underground" EP and you can read that post by clicking HERE. "Underground" can be found on iTunes,, as well as at live Slow Heart shows.

~ Officially Verified by #Facebook ~
Again, note the blue check mark.
~ Officially verified Kip Moore Twitter ~
I'll say it again, note the blue check mark.

Next on this #NewMusicMonday is Dierks Bentley's title track from his latest album, "Black". Shot in Iceland the video released Friday stars Bentley and his wife, Cassidy. He said in an interview that he could not imagine having anyone else in the video, that it only makes sense with Mr. Bentley as the female lead. Everyone is LOVING this video and I think taking to it even more so than normal Bentley vids because of the real life aspect. Dierks has said that "Black" the album is a bit of a ode to his wife, their relationship and other relationships out there who take time to make it work. I, personally, think it is kind of a beautiful thing that not only would he have his wife as his muse for the "Black" album, but that he would also feel so strongly about having her in the video. Dierks has always come across as a down to earth guy that everyone wants to be friends with. He is respected by other artists and his fans feel as though they know him personally. This video with Cassidy only adds to that respect and affection. Give it a watch for yourself and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Also, download "Black" as soon as you can. With the exception of "Up on the Ridge" which wasn't commercially successful, I think that "Black" is Dierks best work yet. He and Elle King are up for a Grammy for the "Different for Girls" collaboration.

Dierks Bentley - "Black"
fr "Black"

Ryan Hurd - "City Girl"
fr "Hold You Back" EP
Ryan Hurd signed with Sony Music last week, is the beau of Maren Morris and coincidently one of the opening acts on Morris' upcoming, first headlining tour. Morris' tour hits the road in February. In 2016 Hurd toured with Chase Rice and did several independent dates. To find out more about Ryan and his tunes click HERE. Also, to see past Ryan Hurd tunes highlighted by New Music Monday you can click HERE and HERE. I think that with his deal solidified this week with Sony we can expect to see a lot more from Hurd in 2017. One would hope a full album, but for now you can catch his singles on youtube, iTunes, etc. 
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Sturgill Simpson Instagram

Lastly on this weeks New Music Monday is Sturgill Simpson. Simpson ended 2016 with a sold out, headlining tour, and a 2017 Grammy nomination for his album, "A Sailors Guide to Earth". Just this weekend he performed as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. I think that it is safe to say that 2016 has set up 2017 to be a really good year for Sturgill Simpson. Sturgill is unique in a genre where people are tempted and often fall into the trap of musical mockery. Mockery as in be a follower instead of a leader, not making fun. Though, that kind of mockery does deserve to be...well....mocked. I love "A Sailors Guide to Earth" and even purchased it for my Dad, who doesn't understand why I buy CDs when I have a radio, for Fathers Day. I'm trying to change that thought process of the purchase/radio, lol!! As with all things worthy of our time, it's probably gonna take a minute. Alas, here I sit trying to create other music addix one cd and one post at a time. Anyway, to read past #NewMusicMonday posts that include Sturgill or to sample a few of his tunes you can click HERE.
Just a Reminder, "ASailorsGuideToEarth", Sturgills Newest Album is up for Best Album at the 2017 #Grammys!!! Making Now a Really Good Time to add #SturgillSimpson to Your Music Library if He Isn't Already in it. As I Said with Maren Morris, You're Gonna Want to be Able to Say You Were a Fan Before These Talents Take Home that Grammy on February 12th.
Sturgill Simpson - "Between the Lines"
fr "A Sailors Guide to Earth"
Live on Saturday Night Live
I titled this weeks New Music Monday with the popular social hashtag, #MCM aka Man Crush Monday not because I actually have a "crush" on these fella's, but more so to say that they are crush worthy, if that makes sense, lol! I am drawn to artist who do things their own way. That are unique, bold, and somewhat unpredictable creatively. I no longer use the word "crush" as it was originally intended. When I crush on someone it is a form of deep respect. It means that I am enamored with their work and how they choose to pursue their dreams and the business that is music. I also don't really care for the word "fan" anymore and use it in a different context as well, but I will share that another day.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week. As always, call in, text, tweet, facebook, insta, or even snail mail in your song/artist requests to your local radio. It only takes a few seconds and every little request makes a difference for an artist and an album. If radio isn't playing what you like make your voice heard by requesting. With all of the different avenues of requesting you can basically do it anywhere. In line at the grocery, stuck in traffic for a hour, laying in bed counting sheep, seriously, literally, anywhere. Requesting tunes is a great way to get some air time for your favorite artist and to show them your support.
I look forward to chatting with you next week!! Any questions, suggestions, etc. please feel free to leave them in the comment section. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram currently under the handle, "StacieTennessee". My handle may be changing soon, so, stay tuned!!

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