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~ Insta Blog ~ January 2017 ~ Selfie Fails, Glam, Baby Stacie, and Credit Where Credit is Due ~

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Not All Selfies Are Created Equal. I Wanted to Share Some #SelfieFails with You Today to Possibly Encourage, Challenge and Even Entertain You, (at the risk of my ego, lol). I Don't Find it Fair or Healthy That So Many Would Choose to Compare Their In Real Life Selves to Others Filtered, Cropped, & Edited Lives on Socials. I Consider @instagram as a Creative Outlet, Connection to Friends/Fam, A Outreach to Followers I Might Not Ever Meet and Yes, I Even See it as a Resource for Ministry.

Socials are What You Make Them.

This is Simply How I Choose to Use Mine. Below are a few pics that I feel like weren't such major fails, lol!! Also, details on the products used. Credit where credit is do.

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I Was Feeling Some 30's Glam w The Waves in My Hair So, I Tested Some New Eye Shadow Shades to Try & Glam it Up Even More. ~ Now, Credit Where Credit is Due = #Foundation/#CoverUp/#Blush/#FinishingPowder = @clinique,  #Lips = @elfcosmetics #LipLockPencil w @rimmellondonus #LipLiner (which is technically a eye liner) in #SableBrown & @maybelline in #PossessedPlum, šŸ‘ #Eyes = #EyeBrowDefiningGel (From @birchbox) by #Chella (I Never Put Much into My Brows, but This Product Was in This Months #BirchBox So I Gave it A Try), #EyeLiner by @revlon #LiquidEyePen #ColorStay in #BlackestBlack, #Mascara by @maybelline #TheFalsies #VolumeExpress in #BrownishBlack, #EyeShadows are a Variety of Pinks & I Apologize that the Label is No Longer on the Pallet So, I Have No Clue the Brand. Finally, #SettingSpray by @coola_suncare (I Usually Use @elfcosmetics #SettingSpray, but Again, This Was A #BirchBox Product. My Only Complaint, it Stings A Bit When Applying.) I Was Unsure About Trying Pinks on the Eyes Fearing I'd Just Look Like I Have Pink Eye, the Bad Kind Not the Glam Kind, LoL!!! But I Think it Worked. ~ Hair Has No Product in it. This is Just How it Fell After Me Sleeping w it Wet and Pulled into a Top Knot Over Night. Had I A Long Day Out & About I Would Have Added Products or At Least Hair Spray, lol!!  #CosmeticsJunkie #Selfie #Creative #YouBeYou #WhoeverThatIsToday #Glam #Glitz #Pink #PracticeMakesPerfect #DoItForFun #DoItForYou #GirlyGirl #ItsJustWhoIBe
Not All Selfies are Created Equal Nor Are All Filters....

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Filters that Steal My Nose and Make
Me Look Like Lord Voldermort
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Glam from the Get!!!!
This is From My Most Recent #ThrowBackThursday. You. Are. Welcome. I've Been Glam from the Beginning. Note the Gold Bangle Shoved Onto My Chubby Little Arm, lol!!! My Mom and Gma Never Met a Piece of Lace or a Ruffle They Didn't Like for Me.
Not Pictured, My Matching Shiny White Patten Leather Shoes & Purse.

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