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Rebel, Rebel. Happy Wintery Motivation Monday Y'all!!! With ALL That is Going on in OUR World Right Now I'm Unsure it Has Ever Been More Important to Make YOUR Voice Heard. Whether by Actually Speaking or in Action.
Last Night @ the #SAGAwards Nearly EVERY SINGLE Presenter & Winner Had a Political Comment to Share When Given Their Screen Time. Even the Ones Who Began Their Remarks With What May Have Been Intended as Balance, Couldn't Seem to Control Themselves & Just HAD to Toss in a Last Minute Jab. Hollywood While I LOVE You, but Please Do NOT Get All Up On Your Golden Soap Box & Declare That You Speak for Me. I've Never Been A Fan of Being Represented by Someone Else & I Feel Even More Strongly About It Right Now.
We Are Either Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution. At a Time When Christian, Conservative or in My Case "Semi~Conservative" Voices Are Being Drowned Out and Made the Minority, I Encourage You to #BoldlyBeUniquelyYou. Inside & Out, Through & Through. Whether You Use Your Voice in Prayer, in Protest or in Action Do NOT Let This World Keep Your Steady Voice, A Whisper. It Has Never Felt More Rebellious (in My Life Time) to Speak Up for The Conservative, Semi- Conservative, Liberal Conservative or "Religious" (Any Denomination). I Don't Know That I Have Ever Observed So Much Intolerance from a Set That Has Preached Nothing But.
One of the Speeches from Last Nights SAGs Given By Taraji P. Henson with the Cast of "Hidden Figures", Mentioned that the Women They Had Portrayed Had Been 1. Real People w a Real Story. 2. Where Considered the Extreme Minority. Not Only Where They Black, They Where Black Females, at a Time When They Are Just Beginning to Put into Action Their Rights. The Rights that Had Been Denied Them for So Long, but 3. And Perhaps Most Impressing to Me, Ms. Henson Stated that These Women They Portrayed Did Not Complain, Did Not Protest, Did Not Refuse to be Apart of the Solution. These Women, the Greatest Minority at the Time, Chose to be Apart of the Solution. Because They Did Not Protest, Because They Did Not Refuse to do the Work and be a Help, Because They Chose to Be Apart of the Solution.......a Man Was Sent into Space. John Glenn was the first American, Thanks to the Work of These Women, Thanks to the Work of the Minority of the Time, was the First American to Orbit the Earth. He Would Circle it Three Times.
I Understand the Burning in Your Gut, the Need to Speak Up for Those Who Can't/Won't Speak Up for Themselves. I Understand the Panic of Considering a Loved One May be "Stuck" in Another Country. I Understand the Fear of Not Knowing What Might Happen Next. I Think at This Point, We All Do. I Don't Understand Destroying Property. I Don't Understand Attacking Law Enforcement. I Don't Understand Sticking Women's Sanitary Napkins to Historical Monuments in OUR Nations Capitol with Messages on Them of Hate. Yes, Hate. Hate for the President. Hate for the Choices He Has Made or Promised to Make. Hate for Those Who Disagree with Ones Definition of Feminism and Women's Rights. Yes, Dear, Beautiful, Smart, Enraged Friend......You Hate. Again, I Ask, Where's the Tolerance? Where's the Patience? Where's the Desire to Educate the Public in a Non-Bullying Way About the Topics that Concern Us? Even if I Were a Man, Women's Rights Would be "My" Issue because While A Man, I Would Have been Brought into This World, Thanks to a Woman. Women's Issues ARE Men's Issues. These are OUR Daughters, Sisters, Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Cousins, Wives, Girl Friends, Best Friends, Boss', Co-Workers, Class Mates, Professors, etc. I'm NOT Saying that We Shouldn't be Using Our Voices for ALL Rights, I'm Saying there is a Difference Between Educating the Public, Working the System, Petitioning Congress, Speaking with Local Government, etc. and Setting a Car on Fire in the Streets of D.C. I Mean..........Right?
As What Would Currently be Considered the Beliefs of a Rebel, I Am Choosing to Use My Platforms, However Small or Inconsequential They May Seem, to Use My Voice. My Socials, My Blog, My Voice. I Think the Difference Between My Saying This and Someone from Hollywood Saying This is That I Do NOT Expect You to Research, Petition, Protest, Use Your Socials, Etc. to Speak Up, Simply Because I Am. I Understand Hollywood Feeling the Responsibility of Making Issues Known because Their Platform is So Much Larger than the "Average" American. But for Me, This is EXACTLY Why I Find Their Speaking Out Irresponsible. I Don't Want to Lump All into One Group So, I'll Say This. Those That Use Such a Large Platform to Share ONLY Their Opinions, Emotions, Beliefs, Etc. Instead of Sharing Studied and Reliable Statistics, Resources, Official Statements/Details/Facts, Informational, Educational Web Sites, 1-800- Call Lines, etc. are Simply Asking You to Agree With Them, because They are Them. Because They Are Hollywood. Because Their Platform Has a Larger Reach Than Your Neighbor Who Posted a "Vote For....." Sign in Their Yard. To Me, This is Irresponsibility at its Highest.
I Would Encourage You to Begin Following the White House, NBC News, CBS News, Fox News, Your Local News Stations/Papers, the Organizations Who Currently Represent the Varied Issues You Feel You Are Being Represented By, Whether Correctly or Not. I Would Encourage You to Look Up Websites Like,,  (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services),, and Decide for Yourself What is What. Do Not Base Your Rage on That of the Media or Hollywood or ME!!! The Resources are Out There and Seemingly Endless.
As I Step Down from My Dusty Ol' Soap Box I'll Leave You With This, Is Your Voice Steady? Has it Made a Whisper by the Extreme? Is There Anyone Representing You in All of This? If Not, Why? If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When? If Not Here, Where?
No Matter Where You Fall in Agreeing or Disagreeing, We Are ALL in This Together. One Plane. One Pilot.
~ On a Lighter Note..... ~

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