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~ Insta Blog ~ January 16th, 2017 ~ Motivation Monday ~ Who is Calling the Shots in Your Life? ~

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This Past Motivation Monday I Wanted to Motivate You to be the One Who is Calling the Shots in Your Life as A Result of Your Walk with Christ. With Holidays Falling as They Have the Last Few Months and Then Add in Winter Weather, I Feel Like Everyone is Struggling to Get This Year in Gear. Understandably So, but with the Thought of MLK Holiday This Last Week I Lingered on How Important it is to Follow The Lords Callings on Our Lives. How Important it is to Boldly be Uniquely You. We Aren't Made from Cookie Cutters for a Reason.

I Find it Vital To Keep Up with His Word So That When Difficult Times, Choices or People Stand in Our Way We Are Already Prepared for Them by Him. One of My Best Friends, Grandma, Recently Responded to a Statement with "I Do What I Want". If You Knew Her You'd Love That Statement Even More, but It Has Lingered Around in My Head Since My Friend Mentioned It.

Her Gma is a God Fearing/Following Lady So, When She Does What "She" Wants I Have No Doubt That God is Already with Her. When We Live Our Days Taking Time to Study His Word, Spending Time in Prayer, Loving His Children and Desiring to Have a Heart Like His Then Doing "What We Want" is Natural Product of What He Wants from Us. Does That Make Sense at All?

The Day I Wrote This Was Another Holiday on a Monday, a "Bonus" Day for Most Folks. I'd Already Got Beef Stew in the Crock Pot, Laundry in the Washer, Guac Made for The Next Days Meal, Jack Davis Walked & Given Meds, Made Phone Calls, as Well as Spent Some Time with Jesus. I Felt That Day and Still Do, Free to Be Me. I Feel Free to Share My Faith Journey with You. I Feel Free to "Do What I Want" because I Know He Has Gone Before Me and Prepared Me. He Has Prepared A Way.

And Because My Hearts Greatest Desire is to Want What He Wants, He Has Shown Me That Way He Has Prepared for Today. Tomorrow I Will Worry About Tomorrow. I Hope You All Are Well & Got to Enjoy Some Bonus Day Laziness. You Are Loved. You are Not Alone. He Goes Before You & With You.

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