Saturday, January 21, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ January 20th, 2017 ~ Takin' Down the Wanna Be's One Faker at a Time ~

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~ Report fr Instagram ~

New Music Monday, Takin' Down Wanna Be's One Fake Account at a Time. 

FANS/Friends/Family and Followers: If You See Some One Pretending to be Some One Else, REPORT, BLOCK, MOVE ON. I HIGHLY Recommend That You NOT Interact w These People.

@instagram @facebook & @twitter Have Your Back. It May Take a Minute for Them to Properly Investigate, but They Want Their Socials to be a Safe Space as Much as We Do.

There is NO Room in My Virtual World for Haters, Trolls, Cyber Bully's, Debbie Downers, Negative Nancy's, Ruin the Plans Stan, So on & So Forth.

Most Artists Have to Deal with This and Reporting/Blocking/Spreading the Word on Fake Account via Your Socials is a Small Way that You as a Fan, Can Have Their Back, Show Them Your Support, and Show Trolls That You Aren't Havin' It.  

To Read Past Posts on How You as a Fan Can Help to Make Social Media as Well as Live Shows a Safe Space for Fans to Unite and Support Feel Free to Read Past New Music Monday Posts.....

~ Super Glue the Freakin' Play Button to On ~


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