Sunday, January 8, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ January 7th, 2017 ~ #ImWithHer, It's Not What You Think ~

~ ABC News ~ Changing of the Guard ~ Tomb of the Unknown Solider ~

Just When I Begin to Think That We Live in a Country That Has Abandon All of its Origins, Traditions & Acts of Respect I Come Across This Post by ABC News. The Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Its A Ritual, it Happens Daily, Visitors Crowd Around to Watch, Soldiers Perform it w the Same Seriousness in Which They Perform All Their Duties. The Solider is Unknown That Receives This Daily Pomp and Circumstance, Yet He is Still Considered Worthy and Deserving of This Care b/c of What He Did for His Country and For What He Represents for Others & the Loved Ones of Others that are Serving Their Country. He Represents All Those We Have and Continue to Lose in the Constant Defense Of Our Freedom. This Attention, This Act of Respect and Gratitude, is the Least We Can Do to Honor That Sacrifice. As We Approach a Controversial Inauguration I Find These Reminders of What Goes On in Our Country Daily, Vitally Important. He May Not Be Your President, but This IS Your Country.

I Would Encourage Everyone to Think On That A Bit as We Read Stories about Air Plane Harassment of the First Daughter to Be and Her Family, Which Includes Small Children Who Are Innocent to All That is Going on Around Them. All They Saw Was Their Mommy Get Yelled At, Over Aggressively by a Stranger. So Aggressively that the Flight Crew Felt it Vital to the Safety of the Flight that this Passenger be Removed.

We See Graphic, Extreme, Violence & Abuse in All its Forms, Taken Out on A Disabled Man. Violence Executed B/C Four People Believed that Simply B/C He is White He Must Be a Trump Supporter and That Possible Fact All on Its Own, Being A Trump Supporter, No Matter What Else Might be True About this Unsuspecting, Free to Vote For Whomever He Wants, Citizen of the United States, Warranted a Brutal Beating in Their Minds. We are Living in A Very Scary Time in My Opinion.

Seeing Rituals Like That of the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider Helps to Keep Me Reminded of How Strong, Resilient, and Caring of a Country We Can Be. You May Feel Pride, Like You're Taking Some Kind of Stand in Stating That Trump is "#NotMyPresident", but Do Not Be Confused, Whomever is "My President", this is STILL Your Country and it is Our Responsibility as Citizens of it to do the Best for Who We Are Right Now, Where We Are Right Now & With Whatever Resources We May Have Right Now, to Assist the Elected Offices in Leading Our Country to be the Best it Can be for Who it is Right Now, Where it is Right Now, and Whatever Resources it May Have, Right Now. I've Read This Several Times and I Don't Understand How Others Don't Grasp it as Truth, "Wanting Trump to Fail as President is like Wanting the Pilot of Your Plane to Crash it While You're a Passenger.".

No Matter Who Each of Us Voted For, We Are in All of This Together.

This is OUR country!!!!

Lets Do Our Best to Make Her the Best She Can Be. Lets Give #ImWithHer A Brand New Meaning, Shall We?!  #LoveYourCountry #LoveItsPeople 

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