Saturday, January 21, 2017

~ "My Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty, Of Thee I Sing" ~ January 21, 2017 ~

"Liberty"  per Merriam-Websters Dictionary Online ............
1: the quality or state of being free: a : the power to do as one pleases b: freedom from physical restraintc : freedom from arbitrary or despotic (see despot 2) control d : the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privilegese :  the power of choice
2a : a right or immunity enjoyed by prescription or by grant : privilegeb : permission especially to go freely within specified limits <was given the liberty of the house>
Before Reading This Post You May Want to Read My Past Post First. It May Help You to Better Understand Just a Bit Where My Thoughts Are Coming From, Where My Heart Is, Etc. Political Party of Either of Us, Set Aside. Obviously, Read as You Choose. To Read the Past Post First, Click Highlighted Link Below.....
Political Party Aside.
No Matter Who You've Voted for, Approved of, Agreed with, Etc. The Changing of the Guard, The Obama's Getting Onto Executive One, the Last Words of Possible Encouragement, Thanks, or Even if He Just Whispered, "What Brand of Bronzer do You Use?", is Emotional!!
I'm SO Grateful to Live in a Country Where the PEOPLE Vote on Such Matters....Government Officials That Is, Not Bronzer, Though I'm Sure There is a Poll For That Somewhere Too. I Am Also Grateful That We Live in a Country Where a Group of Citizens Can Gather Together to Outwardly Express Their Inner Beliefs. It is a Privilege to Live in a Country Where PEACEFUL Protesting is Not Only Allowed, but Expected. Now, Lets Not Get Started on the yahoo's throwing rocks, breaking windows, starting fires, etc. That is NOT Protest. Do NOT be Deceived!!!! That Kind of Behavior is a Temper Tantrum, Chaos, it is a Riot. It is NOT Political Protest. That's One of Those Things That I Welcome Your Opinion on, but Mine Will Not be Changed.
In Drastic Contrast an Actual Protest Occurred Not Only in Our Nations Capital, but Across the U.S. Today. DC, Boston, Chicago, Nashville, Chattanooga, LA, and I'm Sure a Few Others That I've Missed Hosted the Women March on Washington. I've Been Seeing/Reading Friends, Folks I Don't Know, but Follow on Socials, Etc. Posts, All Day. I Was Just Texting with a Friend on How Torn I Feel About it All. I Want to "Like" Everyone's Posts because I Love Them, Support Them, Share in Some of the Same Concerns, and Agree That Yes, Our Daughters Can NOT Believe That Certain Behaviors are Just to Be Expected and Accepted. Agreed. However, On the Other Hand, I Battle With the Idea of Where Does My Peace Live and Breathe? In My Government or My God? For Me, I REPEAT, FOR ME, Would Marching in the Street, Carrying a Sign, Shouting Phrases Written Mostly by Hollywood Writers (personal opinion on a personal blog), Would it Make Me Feel as Though I've Done MY Part?
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On A Day When Socials Are FILLED with Women Making Their Voices Heard on a Variety of Topics I Decided it VITALLY Important to Remind MYSELF, Who I'm Living For, Speaking or Not Speaking For. It is VITALLY Important for MY Mental Health, Emotional Health, Physical, Health and Spiritual Health to Remind MYSELF Where My Truest Peace Lives and For ME, That is With My God, NOT My Government. I Consider Myself a Strong, Smart, Educated, Experienced, Sassy, Curious, Loyal, Creative, Loving, and I've Been Told, Sometimes Rather Intimidating, Female. I Don't Move or Speak With the Intentions of Intimidation, but I Refuse to Be Less Because All of Me is Too Much For Someone Else, End of Rabbit Trail, LoL!

The Government nor Anything/Anyone Else is Gonna Make Me Believe Otherwise. I Find Rest in KNOWING Who Has Heard MY Voice, in KNOWING the One Who Created that Voice. I've NO Reason to Fear......or Shout for That Matter. You Also Probably Won't Find Me Toting A Sign for Hours.....Mainly because of My Rheumatoid, but I Mean, That's a Totally Different Topic for a Totally Different Day, LoL!! We Are Each Moved Differently. We Are Each Led Differently and I Just Felt on a Day When Folks Are Priding Themselves on Speaking Up for Some Who Can't/Won't, I Thought Maybe I Should Too.

God is God No Matter Who is President. God is For Us, No Matter Who is President. God is Good, No Matter Who is President. God is Our Provider, Protector, Healer and the Author of Our Lives, Wait For It......No Matter Who is President.

I Genuinely Love Y'all and Appreciate Who EACH of You Are as a Woman/Man, Christian (Or Other Religion), Professional, Parent, Minister, Artist, Wonderer, Wanderer, and The List Goes On. I Absolutely Believe Each of Us Are Here for a Reason. As Dolly Would Say, "Find Out Who You Are & Do it On Purpose.". Again, Sincerely I  Love You All, Even When/If We Disagree.

On a Lighter Note:

As the Obama Administration Came to a Close and We Prepared for a New Leadership This is What Was Been on Jack Davis' Mind All Week. Change is Hard on Everyone, LoL!!!! 🐾

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~ God Bless the USA ~ Its Time to Come Together. ~ 
~ Whether this Ship is Sinking or Not We Are ALL On It. ~


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