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~ New Music Monday ~ January 30th, 2017 ~ "D.J.'s Playin' a Love Remix" ~ Valentines 2017 ~


Happy New Music Monday Y'all!!!!!! We are just two weeks out from Valentines Day I find it time to help you with a sweet Valentines mix tape. Everyone knows that I LOVE a mix tape. I love the scan button on the radio and I love the shuffle button on m'ipod. For those that just don't know where to begin let this weeks #NMM post be your guide, inspiration and/or cheat sheet.

I'm not a fan of love songs so, this may have some unexpected tunes, tunes you haven't heard or tunes you might not consider "love" songs. Starting with.....

Vance Joy, "Your Mess is Mine", I don't think roses, candy, romantic walks, and sweet words are the root of love. I think the person who helps you when you are sick, listens when you freak and doesn't consider you crazy for freaking, understands that your family is crazy and theirs is too, is what love looks like. I know that my perspectives on love, relationships, dating, etc. can be rather different than many so, no harm if you disagree. Vance Joy's, "Your Mess is Mine" would be one of the few "love" songs that I LOVE!!! Give it a listen.

Vance Joy - "Your Mess is Mine"
fr "You Know You Game Me All the Time"
Kelleigh Bannen - "Welcome to the Party"
fr "Cheap Sunglasses EP"
Kelleigh Bannen celebrates heart ache with a little help from her friends in the video for "Welcome to the Party". It is a fun disco roller skating party from which I find the title for this post. One line shares, "...the d.j. is playin' a love remix and you're already on the list. welcome to the party!!!", in reassuring those ditched by love that they are not alone. Nor do they need to wallow, suffer, hurt, numb, heal, or celebrate alone. I love the entire EP and there are several other songs that are Valentines Mix Tape worthy on it so, I recommend your checking it out and adding it to your Valentines play list.
Margo Price is an artist that I think we are going to be hearing a lot from in 2017. Recently back to the U.S. after an overseas headlining tour Price is an artist off of Jack White's, Third Man Records. I was first introduced to Price via a Rolling Stones roundtable discussion with several up and coming next women of country interview. I instantly became a fan as she discussed her "imperfections" and how she is not an machine made artist. I really want to compare her to Loretta Lynn, but I worry it may be too soon. That is my gut though. I see her making similar paths lyrically, stylistically, and really with just how she chooses to work with in the country music business/community. Give "Four Years of Chances" a listen and then head over to iTunes and download, "Midwestern Farmers Daughter" as a gift to yourself for Valentines.

Margo Price - "Four Years of Chances"
Live @ Austin City Limits
fr "Midwest Farmers Daughter"

Aubrie Sellers - "Like the Rain"
fr "New City Blues"
Aubrie Sellers is another artist I first heard of thanks to that Rolling Stones round table discussion. Again, she isn't the cookie cutter female artist at this point. Calling her sound, "Garage Country", Sellers has a bit of an edge even with her love songs. "Like the Rain" is currently one of my favorite songs out there. I really hope it can become a single for her at some point. "New City Blues" recently turned one year old and an official video for "Sit Here and Cry" was just released over the Holidays so, it could go either way. She could continue to push on this album and release more tunes or she could already be done with it and working on something new, but as I said with Maren Morris and "Hero", I hope that we get a few more singles. "Like the Rain" speaks to that person that is a bit all consuming in our life. We can't help it. They have this power and we aren't even sure who gave it to them. If you need someone to speak the words of your hurting heart, this is the tune for you.
Eric Church is currently on his solo, sold out, "Holding My Own", tour. Selling out dates and performing 36-40 songs per show I think that it is undeniable that Church is a force. He marches to the beat of his own drum and he doesn't give a rip if you are on beat with him or not. With Church I feel most of the released to radio stuff embodies that attitude, making "Like a Wrecking Ball" a bit of a curve ball. It is straight up, lets make some babies, lets knock these wall downs, lovin' music!!!! Never one who menses words Eric Church put just as much attention, passion, and down right animal, into "Like a Wrecking Ball" as he has any other tune. Every Valentine Mix Tape needs at least on of these kinds of tunes on it. Just trust me. You'll thank me later.

Eric Church - "Like a Wrecking Ball"
fr "The Outsiders"

Lady Antebellum - "You Look Good"
Lady A has released their first single, "You Look Good", from their upcoming album. After a years break and each working on different projects apart from L.A. the trio reunited in Cali for some writing, recording and sunshine. I think that the sunny vibe they experienced by being out west surely shows in this first track. I mean, who doesn't want to hear "You Look Good" ???!!!! Both the song and the phrase, lol!!!! I love the poloroid esq lyric video that has been released and look forward to what is next from Lady Antebellum. Add "You Look Good" to your Valentine play list, ASAP!!!! Also, you can already preorder L.A.'s next album now at itunes.
"Cupids Got a Shot Gun", is my kind of tune. The reluctant to love is put in the cross hairs of a bow and arrow by the winged fairy of love. Trying all the tricks of hunting and country girl knowledge the chased does their best to avoid a hit by Cupid. It is fun. It is campy. It is true, LOL!!!! Add a giggle worthy tune to your Valentine mix. Not every tune needs to be all, "look into my eyes and show me your soul", every now and then a "did you just see me trip" kind of moment is good too!!!!

Carrie Underwood - "Cupids Got a Shot Gun"
fr "Blown Away"
Kip Moore - "Stay w Me & Up All Night"
Live in Nashville fr Youtube
I am ending this Valentines Mix Tape with "Up All Night", by Kip Moore. "Up All Night", the title track from Moore's freshmen album is truly one of my all time favorite Kip songs. Everything about it makes me so happy and I will never understand why it wasn't a single. The instrumental is my favorite, the lyrics are my favorite and the style in which Kip delivers it is my favorite. This Youtube clip of the tune is paired with a cover called, "Stay with Me" which was originally done, unexpectedly, by Rod Stewart. I love both songs so, the pairing is, you guessed it, my favorite!!! LOL!!! I think we all have had at least one of those nights where it's late, you're already home, but that special someone some how coaxes you out to run around with them. Even when you defiantly stated that, "I already took of my make-up, put my hair up in a top knot and am in my pajama's", when they persuade you anyway to jump in as is just cause they wanna be with you for a minute. Those nights almost always end up being some of the best. "Up All Night" captures that feeling for me. I feel the warmth of Spring turning to Summer with the mention of a camp fire. I hear the chatter that comes from a out in the back woods party that is so far out cell towers don't reach. I feel that freedom that comes from saying to yourself, "I am who I am whether I have my make-up and cute out fit on or not so, if he wants to hang w me even when I'm un-primped then he must really like what he see's.", freedom. There really is nothing like it.
Kip has a new tune hitting radio today in some markets. I believe that it will hit all markets, iTunes, etc. next week per online conversations and Moore's socials. "More Girls Like You", is anticipated to be the first single from Moore's third studio project. Prior to the holidays and taking a well deserved break Moore shared that a new single would be dropped at the end of January, he was not kidding, and a album would hopefully follow in late Spring/early Summer. Moore has only performed the new tune at a few pre-show VIP acoustic sessions if I understand correctly. So, I haven't been able to find a solid sound bite of the tune to share with you today, but hopefully in the next week or so Moore will begin releasing bits and pieces of the tune or a lyric video. He has been teasing fans with posts to his socials by his ever faithful documentarian, PJ Brown from Life in Rewind Films, while on vaca in Costa Rica. The fans adore that he is virtually taking them along with him on his adventures.
As one who wishes they could adventure more, I for sure am grateful that Kip hasn't let his angst for social media keep him from keeping us up to date on all the fun in the sun. So far it seems that the next performance dates set for Kip and the Slow Hearts aren't scheduled until March. We must pacify our anticipation with tracks from "Up All Night", "Wild Ones", "Underground" and Youtube until Moore releases.....well.....more, LoL!!!
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~ Insta ~
This list could truly gone on forever based on your Valentines mood, but I decided to leave you to your inspiration after listening to these wicked sweet tunes. I hope that whatever you plan or don't plan for Valentines that you KNOW you are loved and deserve the best love there is. I hope you feel thought of and have the resources to let someone else know they are too. Valentines isn't all about romance, fancy dates, spending money on jewelry (I mean, not that I'd stop ya), and flowers delivered to your work. Valentines is a day of love. It is rumored to honor an act of rebellion by a priest who chose to go against the laws of the time and perform secret marriage ceremonies. Caught and Killed the myths began and who even really knows where the truest root of this day begins??!! But if it is with this Priest named Valentine then it was an act of service to others, not the actual romance of a wedding, that inspired this day that so many loath and dread.
Mix it up. Musically and in what ever other way need be. Don't let this one day get you down!!! You ARE loved!!! You are NOT alone!!! He is FOR You!!! He is WITH You!!! He goes before You. He HAS a plan of action for you!!!! Keep on holding on dear loved ones.

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