Saturday, February 4, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ My Relaxed Valentine ~ January 21st, 2017 ~ Valentines 2017 ~

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~ At Home Valentines Spa Day ~

It is A Warm Tuesday Here, Which is Confusing Considering Yesterday There Was Ice. Anyway, Another Day, Another Valentine. Everyone Knows I Love Me a Spa Day Whether it Be at a Actual Spa or at Home. These Have Become a Few of My Favorite Go~To at Home Spa Items for Gift Giving.

Hair Treatment Packets Can be Found in the Same Isle as Shampoo/Conditioner & Vary in Purpose. This One is a Protein Conditioning Treatment & Cost Less Than $3.00. I Have Become a ...Fan of Sticker~Esq Manicures, i.e. Jamberry. However My Budget is More Dollar Tree Which is Where I Found These Super Cute, Neutral w Lace Accent Manicure Stickers. I've Used Them Myself & Can Verify They Aren't Difficult to Apply & Last Surprisingly Longer Than I'd Expected.

Facials are My Favorite of at Home Pampering. Mainly b/c You Apply and Lay Down for twenty minutes, LoL!! Let it Set, Let it Do its Thing for About 20 Min & Wash Off w Warm Water & a Wash Cloth. I Like These One Time Use Packets b/c They Fit in an Envelope Making Them Perfect Little Prizes to Send Friends. Also, Ya Never Know Who is Allergic to What so W/ a One Use Packet There is No Big Loss if You Don't Like The Results. This Particular Mask is fr @cvspharmacy & Cost Around $2.00. Follow it Up w Your Normal Skin Care Routine.

Lastly, LIPS!!!!! For Those Who Plan on Using Theirs for Some Smoochin' This Valentines or Even for Those Who Just Want to Keep Them in Smoochin' Condition for Smoochin' Emergencies I Recommend @niveausa Chap Stick. I Am a Chap Stick Slut & Use All Sorts of Brands Depending on if I'm Using Them for Actual Chapped Lips or as a Hint of Shimmer in Opposition to Full on Lipstick. This One is a Hint of Pink Shimmer & the Moisture from the #Nivea Brand is Really the Best!! It Doesn't Leave a Film or Feel Too Thick. There Was a Coupon in the Paper for Buy 2 Get $3.00 Off. @cvspharmacy Had #Nivea Chapstick for $3.39 Each. So, I Paid $3.79 for Two Tubes Which is Pretty Good for such a Quality Product.

You Can Always Add Candy, Lotion, Etc. Depending on How Big or Small You Wanna Go w Your At Home Spa Kit Gift, but Hopefully This Will Help Inspire Ya as You Plan for Valentines

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