Tuesday, February 21, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ February 20th, 2017 ~ Taking the Day Off, but Not Really ~

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~ Lucie Silvas Insta Story ~

Since Last Week Was a Triple Shot for #NewMusicMonday We Will be Taking This Monday to Work on Future Plans, Posts, Shows, Etc. Also, Give Ya a Chance to do Some Catch Up on Last Weeks Posts If Needed.

I Will Share This Little Thought, I LOVE Seeing Artists Support One Another. Especially Female Artists. It Seems Media Only Knows How to Pit Females Against One Another So, it is Really Up to the Females to Rally One Another. This Past Weekend @luciesilvas #InstaStory Some of @marenmorris Concert, as Did @brothersosborne.

Something I Loved About it Beyond the Actual Peek Into the Concert & the Chicks Supporting Chicks, Artists Supporting Artists, I LOVE That This Group Could've Been Front Row, Side Stage, In the Sound Booth, but Where is This Video Shot??!!! The Balcony. I LOVE That They

1. Kept the Spotlight of the Night on #MarenMorris.
2. They Let the Fans Have the Up Close, Center House, Prime Spots.

Says SO Much to Me About Their Respect of the Music, the Art of a Live Show & Fellow Artist, Maren. Makes Me a Even Bigger Fan of Both #LucieSilvas & #BrosOsborne.

Check Back Next Monday for #NewMusicMondays Last Post of February. How is it Already the End of February??!!!

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