Tuesday, February 21, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ February 18th, 2017 ~ I Do What I Want ~

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Own It. It Has Been My Experience & Observation That Folks Tend to Do Exactly What They Want, Within Reason. Not Like I Woke Up Wanting to Go to Paris, So I Did. Though Were I Wealthy & Healthy I Totally Would. But I More So Mean, Relationally, Emotionally, & So On. We Make Far Too Many Excuses for People b/c of Love & Hope. Neither of Which are Bad Until They Are Keeping You in a Situation You Needn't Be In.

Do Not Torture Yourself Over Someone Else's Actions or Perhaps Lack There Of. If They Wanna Be With You, They Will. They Wanna Talk to You, They'll Find a Way. They Think Highly of You, They'll Say So. Its Been My Experience People Do Exactly What They Want & Tend to Make Excuses for the Rest. Do NOT Allow Someone w Shady, Iffy, or Unspoken Intentions to Take Your Time, Energy & Heart.

You Deserve Pursuit. You Were Made to be Loved Well. His Plans for Your Heart Do Not Include Neglect, Abuse, or Confusion. The Enemy is the Author of Lies & Confusion. Next Time You're Trying to Weigh Out Someone's Intentions/Words/Actions or Lack There Of, Keep That in Mind. God is Intentional. Anything From Him Will Be Too. You Are Loved. You Are Worthy. You Are Deserving. He Has a Plan for Your Life & a Plan For Your Heart. Find Confidence in That Truth. Happy Weekend!!! Spend it W Ones Who Are Intentional w Their Love for You Whether it Be Family, Friends or a Pursuer.

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