Saturday, February 11, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ Love Yo' Self ~ February 8th, 2017 ~ Valentines 2017 ~

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Love Yo' Self ! Why Anyone Would Wait on Someone Else to Make them Happy or to Have the Things They Enjoy I'll Never Understand. I Know for Those Waiting on the Lord to Answer Their Prayers & Keep His Promise on the Calling of Being a Spouse, this Time of Year is a But Torturous. My Goal w My Valentine Series Each Year isn't to Add to the Pain, but to Help w the Management of it.

Waiting on the Lord Can Be Difficult. Keeping the Faith & Not Settling Can Seem Impossible. But, BUT!!!! I Guarantee, That on This Topic Especially, Waiting on His Timing is Vital. You Don't Want to Rush Forever b/c of a Momentary Feeling. God WILL Keep His Promise if He Has Called You to Married Life. Hang Tight & Trust Him. In the Mean Time...Buy Your Own Flowers!!! I Know it isn't the Same as. Delivery Person at Your Door, but I Promise it Really Does Brighten a Room!!!

Love Yourself First, Love Yourself Well & You Will Have a Precedence of What You Would Like Being Love to Look Like

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