Saturday, February 4, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ Sister from Another Mister ~ DIscount Diva Approved & Stacie Reccommended ~ February 4th, 2017 ~

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I Didin't Grow Up with an Older Sister to Harass About Make~Up, Jewelry, Clothes, etc. My Mother and Grandmother are Both Very Feminine in Loving Those Things, but Ya Know How it Goes When You're a Teenager, the "What Do You Know" Mentality Towards Adults Abounds in ALL Aspects of Your Life. Well, Now I'm Out of That Brat Teenager Phase and Wanna Serve as the Big Sister You Never Had. I Wanna Share With You the Products I Love, Hate, Wanna Try, etc. It Goes Along with My, "We Are All in This Together", Way of Survival, Mantra.

So, New Product Alert from the  #CosmeticsJunky & #DiscountDiva . @maybelline #ColorJoltIntenseLipPaint in "Red-dy Or Not" is What I'm Wearing. It is Around $7 with some Change & Thanks to @walmart #SavingsCatcher I was Able to Splurge a Little & Add This to My Cosmetics Collection. I Love the Smell of This Product. I HATE When Cosmetics Smell Like Chemicals or Like They've Been on a Shelf For Yyyeeaarrrssss!!! You Know the Smell. So Anyway, I Always Take Extra Note of a Products Aroma.
Lots of Moisture, Not a Matte it Has Some Shine to it. It isn't Crazy Thick & The Applicator is Apart of the Tube, Kinda Like Pocket Glosses Tend to Be. I'd Taken Several Sips of Coffee Prior to This Shot & You Def Know Which Coffee Cup is Mine, LoL!!! But Also, As You Can See, My Lips Are Still Covered Too. Also,  ALWAYS Helping to Keep My Lip Line...Well...on M'Lip & Not All Over M'Face is Elf Cosmetics, #LipLock. It is Applied Around the Lip Line Prior to Applying Lip Liner or Lip Stick. It Just Helps Keep Things in Place. I Scored Mine at the Dollar Tree.
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