Saturday, February 11, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ Find Your Tribe ~ February 10th, 2017 ~ Valentines 2017 ~

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Valentines Shouldn't Just be About Romantic or Flirtatious Love. It is Just About Love in General. Let the Folks Around You Know That You Care About Them Today & Everyday. It Doesn't Have to Cost Money & if You Do Choose to Spend Money it Doesn't Have to Be A Ton. Its The Thought That Counts.....and if it isn't You May Need to Reevaluate Who You Are Lovin'. Just My 2 Cents on the Matter.
Anyway, Love the Folks Around Ya. Don't Waste All Your Time, Energy, & Affection on Being Down in the Dumps on Valentines. I Mentioned Before That One of the Stories That Go w the Origination or Valentines is that of St. Valentine Who Performed Marriage Ceremonies After it Had Been Made Illegal. Making the Reason We Celebrate Valentines not Romantic Love, but a Love Rooted in Service to God & His Children. I Find That to be Lovely.

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