Saturday, February 4, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ In the Mean Time, Valentine ~ February 2nd, 2017 ~ Valentines 2017 ~

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I HATE WASTE. I Am a Firm Believer in the Thought That Most Everything Can Have a Purpose & Somethings Get Multiple Purposes, I Like That Even More!!! For Those Looking Toward Valentines w a Doom & Gloom, Eeyore fr Winnie the Pooh Attitude I Want to Encourage You!!!! If You Believe That the Lord Has Called You to Marriage Than You Need to Also Believe That His Bringing That Person Into Your Life Could Happen at Any Moment.

If You Get Deep Down to the Part That Only You Know of Yourself, Would You Say You Are Ready? Would You Feel You've Used Your Time as a Single to its Max? Could You Say You've Been Living Life in Faith Preparing for This Calling & Answer to Prayer?

No One Gets it All Right, All of the Time. In Reality, Time Will be Wasted. Some Opportunities Will be Missed. Hearts May Be Broken & You May Have to Start Over, More Than Once. And Honestly, Every Bit of That is to be Expected. But I Want to Encourage You in This Time of Waiting/Preparing/Singleness to Do as Much as One Can to Live Intentional. To Not Let the Freedom of a Singles Life be Wasted.

I Have Had More Than I Care to Count, Folks Suggest That I Remain Single as Long as I Can. Now, For Me, I Don't Believe Marriage is Apart of My Calling So, I Understand How You Might Wanna Say, "So What Does She Know About My Waiting??!!", but I Do Know About It. I Might Not be Waiting on the Same Things, but I Assure You I Am Waiting. I Think Most Everyone is Waiting on Something. God to Provide. God to Heal. God to Speak. God to Move. God!!!! Lets Agree to Not Waste the In the Mean Time, Time. Lets Agree to be Intentional in Preparing for What We are Believing on Him For. Yeah? Happy Valentines Month!

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