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I've been doing a lot of posts as of late that are cosmetics and accessory focused. I have always been a mix of, can bait my own hook and line my own lips, kind of a gal. I don't "have" to wear make-up, but I enjoy it. For me it is another outlet for creativity. As is photo's, music, writing, editing, etc. Given my affection for bright colors, sparkles and animals Unicorns just kind of fall into the general mix of things I like. Pink, glitter, make-up, puppies, candy, so on and so forth. As a little girl Rainbow Brite and She-Ra were two of my favorites and each had a horse, "Starlite" and "Swift Wind".  Now, Starlite didn't have a horn, but instead a star where the horn would be. Starlite also had, of course, rainbow colored mane and tail. So, in my book Starlite is at least part Unicorn. Swift Wind, She-Ra's horse, much like She-Ra herself would transform when the time called for it. So, on the day to day he was a regular riding horse named, "Spirit", but when She-Ra needed to save the day he transformed into the winged unicorn, "Swift Wind". I know this sounds delusional, but I SWEAR I'm going to make a point. Eventually.
I am flattered when folks say seeing something Unicorn makes them think of me. It helps keep me reminded of the light we carry with in ourselves and the impact it has the possibility of making on folks. Whether we are intending it to or not. It helps to keep me reminded how much of this life isn't about me or what I feel. When God wants to use you, He's going to use you, even if it is kicking and screaming. It helps to keep me reminded how important it is to Boldly Be, Uniquely You, one of my more recent life motto's.
~ Queen of the Unicorns ~

Per Webster's Dictionary, Unicorns are a mythical creature. Often considered magica and something folks have talked/dreamed about for centuries. Something folks would love to be real, something some people say they have seen much like Big Foot and the Lock Ness, but there is no evidence to their existence beyond fairy tales. Some legends say that Unicorns have the power to heal, perhaps that is my draw to the dream of them. In the King James Version of the Bible the word "unicorn" is used a handful of times. Originally in Hebrew the translated word "Unicorn", is "re'em", which basically means "beast with a horn". Some theologians say that it is in reference to animals such as a rhino and some translations use the words, "Wild Ox" instead of "Unicorn" or "re'em". Either way, still not enough proof for the image of the creature so many have when they think, "Unicorn". Many have attempted to use the use of the word "Unicorn"in the Bible, as their "proof" of it being a book of Fairy Tales and not an actual historic book of real events. Everyone's got an angle. Anyway........
As I mentioned earlier I was a Rainbow Brite and She-Ra fan as a little girl. So, I grew up with that mythical image of a unicorn in my mind. When I went to college and began really understanding the importance of studying God's word, discipleship, etc. I started to make notes of the things that caused me pause. I mean, I was at a Bible College, where better to have a list of such questions??!!! It was like walking around, in real life, in the Bible section of the entire internet. One day in Biology class I raised my hand to ask about the word "Unicorn" in the Bible. Now, I already knew enough to know that it more than likely meant something like Rhino, but I thought that biology class and my biology professor would be a great place to get more info. Well, boy was I wrong. I'm not a raise your hand, go to the chalk board kind of student. Academics have always been difficult for me. I had to take my tests in a different room, by myself and I had to attend tutoring sessions for several of my classes multiple times a week. So, for me to even raise my hand took me at least two entire class periods to muster the bravery for. I already knew that not everyone in the class would be familiar with the verse, much less the King James Version of it. I used King James through out my collegiate years simply because that was the version I had grown up with. It was the most familiar. And in a time when so much new information is getting thrown at you at once, I NEEDED the familiar whenever I could get it. Since college I have studied a few other translations and plan to study others. We can get into the debate of what is the "original" at another time. Back to class, I'm a giver of second chances and even after my professor had denied me extra credit for recycling that got CRUSHED into my trunk when I was in a multi-car pile up taking it to the recycling center, I still wanted to believe he could be kind. When will I ever learn??!!! I raised my hand, asked my question with wide eyed belief and genuine curiosity when with some serious attitude my professor all but spits out his coffee and immediately begins laughing at me. And of course the rest of the class joined him in the laughing. Since Bio was a core class the room had at least 40 ppl in it. He very condescendingly proceeds to speak down to me and say that I am wrong, that the word "Unicorn" isn't in the Bible and surely I am confused. At the time I was not a Bible Drill pro, still am not, and I couldn't find the reference quick enough to prove that it was indeed in my King James Version of the Holy Bible. Later that night I found the verse and I think it is safe to say that this is where I became the kind of reader that underlines, highlights and book marks things. I never brought it up again in class, even after finding my reference point in the Bible. I decided this had become a class where simply surviving it was my only real goal. I sat quietly, I passed just barely, and never had need or occasion to speak with that professor again.
~ The Queen of the Unicorns is NOT Impressed ~
My Hair Was Giving Me Serious
Princess Leia Vibes This Day. I Think That If
I'm Going to Channel Anyone's Vibes When Harnessing
My Queen of the Unicorn Power, it
Should be Princess Leia.....or Rainbow Brite/She-Ra.

Perhaps it is the getting older thing, perhaps it is the too sick to care thing, perhaps its the too far gone to make it back now thing? It could be the amount of alone time I have spent in the last five years in stark contrast to the five years before it when I was NEVER alone. It could be something as simple as a maturing relationship with the Lord. Whatever it may be I am becoming more and more confident with the way the Lord has made me. Inside and out. Through and through. Brains to Beauty to Belief System. "Boldly Be, Uniquely You" is one of my newest motto's and hash tags and I wish that I had it back in that biology class. Since I didn't, I give it to you now for your "biology class" moments. I love bright colors, things that sparkle, I have two feather boa's and multiple tiara's. Candy is my favorite. I talk to animals like they're humans and I often don't notice a human unless they are with an animal. I breathe because music exists. I like nap time. I thoroughly enjoy a snack time. Giving is my most favorite of things to do on this earth. I NEED to be creative in some way, every day, in order to feel like I am doing my part to put good back out into this world. I LOVE my friends/family/followers and am acutely aware that with out them along with the love of God, I would be absolutely nothing. Jack Davis is my fur baby and I refuse to apologize for treating him like he is a real boy when making him wear coats, brushing his fur, and taking him with me to run errands at the Post Office, Bank and Lowes.
These are just a few of the things that make me, me. While I know that the folks I grew up with, the shows, music, etc. I had growing up, played a role in forming this Unicorn~Tastic being that I am, but I also believe that even before those influences came into effect, God created me with a love of bright things and sparkle as apart of the things that would make me, uniquely me. One of the reasons I have been sharing the hash tag, #BoldlyBeUniquelyYou has been in hopes of encouraging the Unicorn in others. The Unicorn in you!!! Baby Doll, Boldly Be, Uniquely You and let NO ONE make you feel less just because they do not understand. Good news, not everyone needs to understand. This life is about You and God, and You Shining His Light, Loving on His People, and obeying His callings on your life even when others do not get "it", (the unicorn metaphor, living beyond your own self and what not). The Lord can use a great many things to bring Himself glory, to love on His children and to assure you of your callings. We just have to be open. We have to be willing to not fit in. We have to be willing to be mocked. We have to be willing to be wrong. We have to be willing to fail and start over again.....and again.

May you believe in Unicorns......May you BE a Unicorn.
xoxo - Stacie 



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