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~ New Music Monday ~ February 15th, 2017 ~ Writers Wednesday ~ Jaren Johnston ~

The Faith Journals have been having technical difficulties today. Sometimes I adore technology and sometimes I loath it. Alas, for the moment anyway, we are up and running so, let us get to this #WritersWednesday for February. This month we are highlighting writer, guitarist, front man of The Cadillac Three, Owner of Two Black Dog Publishing, social media Joker, hubby of Evyn Mustoe, and new dad to be, Jaren Johnston. I am spotlighting Jaren the Writers Wednesday after Valentines because he and his wife Evyn are seriously one of the cutest couples on social media, EVER!! Legit, GOALS. So, to share his tunes Valentines week only seems appropriate.

The Cadillac Three - "Bury Me in My Boots"
fr "Bury Me in My Boots"
Live on Black Roses Tour
With a Grammy, 2 ACM's, 2 CMA's & more than I can count gold records and BMI credits Jaren is more than likely one of the writers behind at least one if not several of your favorite country songs. Just a few of his credits include, Grammy winner, "Mean While Back at Mamma's" performed by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. ACM winning, "Raise em' Up" performed by Keith Urban and Eric Church. "Drunk on a Plane" off of the CMA multi-category winning "Riser" by Dierks Bentley. Also on Jaren's list of credits are  Jake Owen's, "American Country Love Song" & "Days of Gold", Frankie Ballard's, "Sunshine and Whiskey", Daniel Bradberry's "Young in America" and so many more that it would probably fill up the entire post listing them. And that is just the songs he has written for other people. He is also the front man of The Cadillac Three, formerly known as The Cadillac Black, who just released their first full album in 2016 titled, "Bury Me in My Boots". I own it and think you should too.

~ The Cadillac Three - "The South"
fr "Bury Me in My Boots"
Live at PBS Front and Center
(Warning: Kippy Uses Adult Language....
as Does a Fan fr the Crowd, LoL!!)
Hang or FF to the End  and He Mentions Jaren.
~ Kip Moore - "Play it Cool" ~
Live at Acoustic VIP
co-written by Jaren Johnston
I can't begin to imagine how expansive Jaren's catalog is at this point, but as many songs that have been recorded by artists there are probably just as many that are waiting to be recorded. One of those songs that has yet to make it to an album is Kip Moore's, "Play it Cool". This track is co-written with Jaren, but has yet to make it onto one of Moore's albums. Rumor is that Kip's third album, due out late Spring or early Summer will FINALLY have a Jaren co-written song on it, but I think that only time will tell as Moore has said that he has till about May to make changes to the album. I love "Play it Cool" and would enjoy seeing it make it onto this album, but I'm sure if it is a tune we haven't heard yet, it is going to be just as amazing and maybe "Play it Cool" will make it onto one of the tour EP's that have been promised between albums. Maybe?! Hint, Hint.
2016 was a big year for Jaren and his wife Evyn. The Cadillac Three went on tour with Florida Georgia Line and Kip Moore as openers. They headlined their own tour state side as well as across the pond. They released their second single and video from "Bury Me in My Boots", titled "Graffiti". They released the full album, "Bury Me in My Boots", announced a 2017 headlining tour, wrote and performed with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith on his solo project, performed on PBS Front and Center with Kip Moore and then an episode with The Cadillac Three, officially established Two Black Dogs Publishing, started signing new artists, Jaren resigned with SONY/ATV, and last but not at all least.....announced they are expecting their first child in 2017. The Cadillac Three will soon be The Cadillac Four, LoL!!! If you don't follow Jaren Johnston on social media you really need too. First he and his wife seem to genuinely like each other and enjoy spending time together. You may think that is a given, but to me that is a rare observation these days. And, I know, it is social media, technically a curated personal museum, but still, to me, it seems very real and down right adorable. Even if you just follow him for his foodie posts and mocking of Kip Moore then it is totally worth the virtual space it takes up in your feed. I promise!! He has also been sharing pics of baby things as they prepare for the newest member of their family. This child is gonna have a collection of kicks and concert t's unlike any other. I'm already jealous. 
~ Keith Urban w Jaren Johnston - "Raise em' Up"~
Live at ACM Party for a Cause
~ The Cadillac Three - "White Lightening"
fr "Bury Me in My Boots"
Recorded Live at PBS Front and Center
~ Jaren Johnstons Instagram ~
I think that in one way or another Jaren Johnston is going to be apart of the country music landscape for a long time come. Whether it be as front man for The Cadillac Three, as a publisher or if he chooses ever, just to do writing. We have every reason to believe that his talent writing makes him a very valuable member of the country music community. Add in his showmanship, eye for new talent, social media presence and I think it makes him irreplaceable in the community. Watching from a fans point of view one of my favorite things about Jaren is his friendships with other guys in the country music business. It isn't unusual to see him posting pics from tour or just around Nashville with fellow artists and writers. One of my most favorite of these friendships is his friendship with Kip Moore. These two go back and forth on Instagram and I swear there are days the only reason I read comments are to see if they've been heckling one another. It has now gone on long enough that fans have started to expect it and try to anticipate which pics will get the "joker" seal of approval, especially if a post is a bit extreme or maybe out of the box, LoL!!! I don't know that we will ever see a pic of Jaren jumping off of a cliff into the ocean like we will Kip or that Kip will ever post a picture of his meals, but we will for sure see their comments on one another's posts or those things, LoL!!!
~ Kip Moore's Instagram ~

~ Kip Imitating Jaren & Basically Nailing It ~

Reminder, Writers Wednesdays are meant to peak your interest in the behind the scenes of your favorite songs and the people who pen them. The hope is that you are given just enough information that you wanna go check the credits in your CD liner notes, Google, and YouTube the folks you read about here and then add some of their tunes to your musical library if they aren't already represented. Jaren Johnston and The Cadillac Three are currently out on their "Black Roses" tour with Aubrie Sellers as one of their opening acts. I've already said this at least twice in previous posts, but I'ma say it a third time, if you catch any shows this year, I truly think that this needs to be one of them. Aubrie Sellers, "New City Blues" is one of the best albums I have downloaded recently. Also, The Cadillac Three's, "Bury Me in My Boots" is a stellar album. When I first got it I went for a windows down, sunglasses on, back country roads drive with it cranked up as loud as I could stand it. It reminds me of being in high school. It is new, but familiar. The guys are a southern rock bunch of musicians and they serve that title very well.

I think that even with the addition of baby Cadillac this fella will not be slowing down anytime soon. The Faith Journals, New Music Monday, and Writers Wednesday send their best to the Johnston's and their little rocker on the way!!! We can't wait to see him in concert t onesies on Instagram. Until then, fans, head on over to iTunes and download The Cadillac Three's, "Bury Me in My Boots" or any of Jaren's other tunes recorded by other artists. I don't think you'll be let down.

~ The Cadillac Three Discuss, "Bury Me in My Boots" ~
fr Sounds Like Nashville

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