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~ New Music Monday ~ February 13th, 2017 ~ A Valentine from a Slow Heart ~

Kip Moore - "More Girls Like You"
Happy New Music Monday everyone!! This weeks offerings will come in three shots. Our regularly scheduled #NewMusicMonday, our review of the Grammys, and Writers Wednesday so, stay tuned as we have a busy week in front of us. It is no secret that Kip Moore has great affection for his fans and today we will start with our regularly scheduled #NMM by way of a lyrical Valentine from Kip Moore, "More Girls Like You". He sure knows how to make the fans feel loved.

You know that you write about Kip Moore a lot when you see the word "more" and it doesn't look right, LoL!!! At the end of the "Me and My Kind" tour this past Fall Kip let his fans know four very important things. 1. He and the band would be taking a bit of a longer holiday break than in the past. Considering they've been touring for basically ten years straight the fans understand and support the break. Even if it does send everyone into live show with drawls. 2. He shared that long time electric guitarist for the Slow Hearts, Dave Lapsley would be leaving the group and relocating with his family. All fans suffered a bit of heart ache right along with Kip and the guys when this was announced. Dave has been Kips wing man for so long that it will take a minute for long time fans to see someone else on that stage and feel like it's normal. I am also sure that Dave will do a few surprise performances down the road.  3. Moore shared that a new single could be anticipated at the end of January. Well, just under the wire the new single, "More Girls Like You" started leaking on Socials and at a few Radio stations. It was released to iTunes Friday and will hit all radio markets February 21st, 2017. On the iTunes charts for a weekend and "More Girls Like You" is already charting high and trending. 4. Lastly, and perhaps most exciting, Kip let his fans know they can be looking for his third studio album, title to be announced, early Summer. The single and the hope of a new record has helped us deal with the long break the guys have taken. Also helping us all through the concert drought are the posts to socials by Kip, Manny (Kips Bass Player) and PJ from Life in Rewind. We can always count on these guys to take us along on their adventures through social media. I for one really appreciate that on times off they still feel like sharing their worlds with their fans. It is one of the many reasons it is so easy to be a fan of this group.

Kip & Dave - NYC - "Complicated"
fr "Wild Ones"
~ Kip Moore - "Hey Pretty Girl" ~
fr "Up All Night" - Live @ Carl Black Ford

"More Girls Like You" is a bit of a love song, but Moore has shared in a behind the scenes video that the inspiration came from watching families not couples as he has traveled the world. The common denominator in all countries being the way parents have such a special bond to their children, particularly when it is a little girl. Moore discusses via the lyrics his ideals of slowing down a hectic lifestyle and at some point becoming a husband and father. He speaks of falling for someone so wonderful that you can't help, but wanna have children with them in the hopes that they turn out just like the one you love. Moore has had success in the past with putting these types of emotions into song for the fans with tunes like "Hey Pretty Girl" from "Up All Night" and the non single from "Wild Ones", "Complicated". He somehow just knows how to word what so many are feeling, but can't articulate. Markings of a good writer in my opinion.

~ Story Behind the Song, "More Girls Like You" ~
by Life in Rewind Films

Kip also sent a Valentine to the fans this week with his performance at the Library of Congress's ceremony acknowledging Smokey Robinson. The actual ceremony happened prior to Christmas, but just aired this past Friday night on PBS. Kip a big Motown fan was one of only two country artists invited to perform. In my mind I would think that Kip is probably ranking this as one of the coolest things he's gotten to do so far in his career. He shares at the opening of his performance about Motown tunes being played in his home as he grew up and how much it meant to get to be there that night and sing one of them in honor of him. It was a great performance and I think Kip showed more soul than the audience had expected when delivering his cover of  "I Second That Emotion". To watch the episode that aired originally on PBS you can click HERE . I encourage you to take a few minutes and give it a watch and a listen. It really was a very good show.
Seeing as this weeks New Music Monday is Valentines by Kip focused, LoL, I will close with one more Kip tune. "Reason to Believe" is one of my favorite, "Underground" songs, as Kip would categorize it. It hasn't made it onto a record as of yet, but gets played somewhat often at the VIP acoustic sets Kip does pre-show. My hope is that if it doesn't make it on a full length album, that it will make it to one of the future in between albums, EP's.
~ Kip Moore - "Reason to Believe" ~

Y'all, even though "More Girls Like You" isn't at all radio stations yet, you can still be calling into your local station requesting and asking when you can expect to hear it on their air waves. Once it "officially' hits radio then do that thang you do with your super fan power and request, request, REQUEST!!! The better the single does the quicker the entire album will be released. Also, it helps stations/DJs to know that you are anticipating a song so much. Gives them more momentum to begin playing it ASAP.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Valentines and that you have enjoyed these tunes. If you would like to read past #NMM posts just type "New Music Monday" into the blogs search bar for a list of past posts on the subject.

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