Tuesday, February 7, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ February 7th, 2017 ~ That's What Rough Days are For ~

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Yesterday Was a Rough Day. We All Have Them. Lately Mine Have Felt Closer Together Than I Prefer. It is Difficult to Trust Him in the Rough Times, but That's Kinda What the Rough Times Are For. To Bring Us Closer to Him, to Make Us More Reliant on Him, to Remind Us Who is Actually in Charge of Our Time on This Earth, to Remind Us How Capable He Has Made Us. Even Though Yesterday was a Rough One I Ended the Day w This Feeling of Confidence. Confidence in My Savior, My Healer, My Provider, My Maker & Confidence in Who He Has Made Me. Inside & Out. Through & Through. Sometime the Closest to Us, the Folks We Are Suppose to "Naturally" Trust (i.e. Drs, Pastors, Professors, Family, Etc) End Up Being Our Biggest Nay Sayers. Learning to Respect Their Opinions/Feelings While Remaining True to the One Who Made You Isn't Super Easy, but Yesterday I Ended the Day Feeling Like a Smart Girl. A Smart Girl That'd Been Run Over by a Tractor Trailer, but A Smart Girl None the Less. I Know That Was a Gift fr God. Let Him Be Your Confidence, Strength, Protector, Provider, Healer, Place of Refuge. Trust Him When No Answers Seem Clear. Let His Voice be Louder Than Those Intending to Weigh You Down. You Are Loved by the Very One Who Created the Heavens & the Earth. All That Celestial Beauty & Its Creator Still Thought This Life Needed You!! What a Honor!!! Be Blessed Today. Be A Blessing Today.

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