Monday, February 27, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ Motivation Monday ~ February 27th, 2017 ~ Guard Your Heart ~

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I Recall Very Distinctly Remember My Sophomore Year of College When the Lord Highlighted this Verse fr Proverbs for Me. I Shared it w a Friend Having Boy Problems & Marked it for Myself for Future Reference. 19 Years Later and I Think it May be One of the Verses I Have Gone Back to the Most. I Think at a Glance it is Read & Interpreted to Have Romantic Implications.

As Life has Progressed I Learn More & More that it Literally Has Everything Implications. ANYTHING/ANYONE That Takes Space in Our Heart is Going to Effect How We Make Life Choices. Everything fr Who We Give Our Affections to, to Where We Decide to Work, Worship & Play. "Guard Your Heart w Above ALL Else for it Determines the Course of Your Life.", Different Translations Use Different Wording, Some Say "All Diligence", Some Say "Life Springs From It", Different Translations, but Basically Same Meaning & Warning. When We Find Ourselves in Shambles & Can't Figure How We Got There it is Time to do a Heart Check. What Have We Allowed in & What Have We Kept Out? Guarding Our Hearts is a Good Thing. It is the Front Line of Our Defenses Against the Enemy.

Hope This Shines a Light on Something You've Been Struggling to Figure Out. Hope it Encourages You & Challenges You Today. Happy Moto Monday!!!

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