Monday, February 27, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ Haters Gonna Hate ~ February 23rd, 2017 ~ #BlockReportMoveOn ~

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~ StacieTennessee Instagram ~

Haters Gonna Hate. I Am Reporting Haters That Try to Follow Me, Basically on the Daily. I'm Not Down w Trolls, Wanna Be's, Spamers, Etc. So, in Order to Keep My Feed in Order, but Also to Help Keep Fellow Instagramers Feeds in Order, I Report. Sometimes it Gets Handled that Day, Sometimes it Takes Them a Minute to Verify Things. Either Way it is Worth the 2 Seconds it Takes to Push the Report Button.

I Encourage You to do The Same When Needed.

Social Media is a Type of Modern Community. Reporting Trolls, Haters, Wanna Be's, Spamers, Etc. is the Virtual Version of a Neighborhood Watch. If Everyone Plays a Small Part a Big Part of the Problem Gets Handled.

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