Monday, February 13, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ February 10th, 2017 ~ Ode to Joanne ~

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Lady Gaga is a artist, vocalist, and performer that you simply are never going to fully know what to expect from. Her Super Bowl performance and her Grammy Performance, exactly seven days apart, could not have been more polar in opposites. Super Bowl was a medley of her hits and as always a very athletic performance in the fact that she walked every corner of that massive stage. Her Grammy performance was a collaboration with rock group, "Metallica". Following Adele in sound issues, James (Metallica front man) did not have a working mic at the beginning of the performance, but Lady Gaga is nothing if not good in performance emergencies and the two shared a mic. Gaga took her collaboration with the rock group very seriously and styled herself for the Red Carpet accordingly. She even shared her manicure on her Instagram story and her nails had piercings with varied spikes, hoops, etc. My first thought was how does she handle the bathroom situation with those ??!! But that's just me. As unpredictable and sometimes hard to follow she can sometimes be, I have this respect for her. I'll not always agree with an artists politics or varied stances on things, but I can separate that from their art. With Lady Gaga I don't understand how one could not respect what she has done artistically. I also read that pre-Super Bowl in her meeting with dancers/musicians she made the statement that their talent is not their own, but Gods and to use it in honor of that. I'm sorry, but I dig that mentality. I'll just leave that topic there.
Anyway, I got this wicked sweet hat as a bonus from ebates and thought it would make for the perfect tribute to the cover of "Joanne", Gaga's latest album. I love the opportunity for creativity, fashion, cosmetics, and art to meet up. This felt like a no brainer. I also had some blue lipstick that I really just wanted to try, LoL!! SideNote: Blue lipstick does not come off as easily as other colors. For just a bit I looked like I had a Smurf for lunch. Lesson learned.
~ "She Wore Bluuueeee Velvet" ~


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