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~ New Music Monday ~ February 6th, 2017 ~ Super Bowl LI ~

~ Luke Bryan ~
National Anthem
Super Bowl LI
Happy New Music Monday Everyone!!!! Sorry this is posting so late, but it has been a rather long day for The Faith Journals author so everything kinda feel behind a bit. Anyway, we are here now and I am ready to discuss some Super Bowl. I mean, not the actual football part, lets be real. I wanna discuss the tunes!!!!
I start to cry just hearing the National Anthem, I can NOT imagine the emotions that come when getting asked to sing it ever, but much less for an audience this large. Often folks cave to their nerves and their voices shake and quiver. Some notes are hit sharp and others are straight missed. However, Luke Bryan served the country music community and the country in general well with his offering of our nations anthem. He didn't attempt the notorious high note that usually closes the song, which I think was a wise move. He handle it in his register and that was just smart. He wasn't trying to do anything new or prove some sort of vocal range. He took it seriously, seemed to understand what a precious opportunity it was and performed appropriately in response to those things. Lots of kudo's to Luke Bryan for scoring the first touch down of the night. That's right, I used a football word. Impressed ?
My knowledge of sports begins and ends basically with winning is good and losing is bad. I enjoy attending sporting events, but unless I know someone playing or have some sort of attachment to the team then I am there for the social aspect. With that said, it should not surprise you that I spent the first half of the game doing my nails, listening to music and texting with friends. I mean, I can't even help it. I is who I is.
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~ Stacie's Version of the Super Bowl ~
There's a Chance I Misunderstood.

~ Lady Gaga ~ Pepsi Super Bowl LI Half Time ~
Lets talk about why we really watched.......Lady Gaga. Prior to the performance she had told media she was making a point to be all inclusive and if she was going to make a political statement of any kind it would be through this performance. Now, Lady Gaga doesn't tend to be a all talk no action kind of gal so everyone was on the edge of their seat in anticipation of what she may do. She wore a dress made entirely of meat to the MTV Awards one year. To say that literally ANYTHING is possible with this artist is by no means an exaggeration or understatement. I must say, I have a respect and appreciation for how she chose to make her statements.
Opening her performance with a few verses from "My Country Tis of Thee" she addressed her feelings on the current political turmoil being almost exclusively covered by the media. Not to belittle anything. This is a serious issue on a variety of levels, but isn't there a lot of other things going on too??!!! Why is this the ONLY thing the media is willing to report on right now? Anyway, she showed her stance via her voice. I followed Gaga all week on socials as she shared a lot of behind the scenes rehearsals, quick chit chats, etc. I am always curious to the work that goes into a production like this so I truly appreciate her and her team sharing behind the scenes, making of, kind of stuff.
Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga ~ "But Beautiful"
Lady Gaga, love her or not, is an AMAZING vocalist. She is a talented writer, amazing performer and to try and put her in the small box that is simply pop music is a grave mistake. She toured last year with Tony Bennett for heavens sake and they created a Grammy nominated album together (SideNote: Tony has a dog like Jack Davis that is named Happy. He flies private and Jack is doing his best not to be bitter about that). She has done a duet with Beyoncé, she did a guest spot on Gossip Girl, starred in Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story Hotel Roanoke" and won a Golden Globe for it!!! She knocked it out of the park with her performance at last years Oscars in tribute to Julie Andrews and the Sound of Music. To sing such an iconic song in front of the person who made it iconic has to be almost as nerve wracking as singing the National Anthem at an event with millions of viewers....which she did last year as well. Lets not forget, Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem at the 2016 Super Bowl. Epic! Did an amazing job and I am certain it is what sealed the deal for her being this years half time show. Again, love her, think she is crazy, whatever, girl can SANG!!!! I think she is the epitome of an artist and in most situations it has been my observation that most true artist are a little mad, usually in all the best ways. Last nights performance in my music addix opinion was flawless. Girl held her own, as if we expected any different, addressed the things she wanted to address, brought the house down and post performance made an announcement that she would beginning a world tour for her newest album, "Joann". I get that Tom Brady made history and what not, but last night was Lady Gaga's night.
Prior and Post there where a lot of parties and performances happening around the Super Bowl festivities. Rae Lynn held a free show the night before, Lady Antebellum performed pre game at a party, John Legend was in attendance with his hilarious wife, Chrissy Teagan and the list goes on. I know this was a sporting event, but dang it kinda was a set up for the Grammys next weekend, LoL!!! Seeing as everything just happened last night I am having issues finding the video's that I saw on Facebook, on Youtube. So, I hope all these will do. Since I can't find the Lady Antebellum performance I vote their new lyric video for "You Look Good" can suffice.
Lady Antebellum - "You Look Good"
Lyric Video

Next week New Music Monday will tie up the loose ends of Valentines Day just in time for the day of love. I hope that your Super Bowl hangover wasn't atrocious and that you managed to survive the day sans hurl bucket. Take the rest of the week to recover because next weekend is the Grammy's and y'all KNOWWWWWWWWWWWW I'ma be watching, live posting, and post show reviewing. I hope you'll join me. I don't have twitter b/c I don't care to be on every single social media outlet that exists. Plus, my observations from the side line of Twitter have given me a bit of PTSD. Anyway, find me on Instagram, Facebook or back here at The Faith Journals for my Grammy gab fest next Sunday, February 12th, 2017. I spoke with Maren Morris via Instagram and asked if she had her Grammy look picked out. Her response was that it is a last minute thing, but we can be sure it will be "major". After her look and performance at the CMA's I would expect nothing less. Maren has five nominations, which is amazing for a brand new artist and a first album/single, plus she will be performing with Alicia Keys. They're episode of CMT Crossroads was so amazing that I really hope that the nerves and excitement of that day doesn't get to their performance. She began her first headlining tour this past weekend in NY and PA and per social media posts from fans and then Maren's team it appears to have been a memorable first go. She will be in Knoxville the weekend after the Grammy's so, if any locals are looking for some entertainment head to hear website for ticket details.
Maren Morris - "My Church"
Live at the CMA's 2016
It was also announced today that Kelsea Ballerini has joined the line up of Grammy performers. The country music genre and female artists in general, I feel are well represented this year. To read my Grammy predictions before the show airs, just type "Grammys" into the blogs search bar for the past post to be pulled up. Remember Sturgill Simpson is a first time nominee and performer along with Ballerini, Morris and several others. You still have time to down load his album so that you can say you were a fan before he took home the win. 
Any questions, suggestions, new music to share ??!!! What performance are you looking forward to seeing at the Grammy's. How did you feel about the Super Bowl? Did your team win? What did you think of Luke and then Gaga's performances?!
See you next week!!!! May you have a serious drop the mic moment where you then are thrown a football, catch it and jump off a stage onto a huge bounce house esq floor.

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