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~ Insta Blog ~ January 21st, 2017 ~ Embracing the Grey of the Day ~ Boldy Be, Uniquely You ~

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Embracing the Grey of the Day. I'm Unsure Why, but Every Shot Had Me Looking Cullen~Esq in the Lips & Eyes. I Feel Like I Look Fresh fr Feeding. Thats Part of the Fun of "Playing" with Cosmetics, Lighting, Angles, Etc. You Set Up with One Expectation and Often End Up with Something You Couldn't Have Planned For.

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~ StacieTennessee ~ Instagram ~
Shot in Natural Light
~ Black and White Filter, Obviously, LOL ~
I Was Rockin' Some Red Lips a Few Weeks Ago While Running Errands When One of the Staffers at One of My Stops Commented on My Make~Up, but More Specifically My Lip Stick. Wearing a Bold Color, if You Aren't Use to It, Can Tend to Make You Kinda Feel Like People Are Staring At You. Maybe its a Insecure Girl Thing? Maybe its a Bold Lip in a Small Town Thing? IDK.

Anyway, This Sweet Little Staffer Mentioned they Loved My Lipstick and Wished They Could Wear it. My Response? HONEY WEAR IT!!!! I of Course Immediately Told Her the Brand, Where I Got it and Where She Could Find a Coupon, Because I Am the Discount Diva and as is Basically My Responsibility, LoL!!!! I Also Told Her What I've Been Telling You Via M'Socials and The Faith Journals. Be Creative. Lipstick Doesn't Come in Colors Like Brown, Black, Purple, Blue, Red because Everyone Was Meant for a Nude Lip!!!! Am I Making Any Sense?

After Sharing the What & Where of the Lip Color I Told Her What I am  Now Sharing with You, Do Your Make~Up On Days When You Aren't Leaving the House. Do The Trial & Error of Application, Colors, Styles, etc. and Then Leave it on All Day. Every Time You Pass Your Reflection, Stop and Check Your Look. I Know This Sounds Impossibly Vain and Considering Jack Davis Doesn't Have the Ability to Verbally Mock Me, This Very Well May be Easier Said Than Done, LoL!!

BUT, The More You Learn What You Like on You and What Compliments Your Features, the Less Concerned You're Gonna Be with What Anyone Else Thinks. I Don't Wear Make~Up Every Day. Yesterday I Ran Errands, Went to the Dr, Etc. in Sweats, Hair in a Top Knot & Clean Skin.

Make~Up is Fun & an Outlet for Expression When You "WANT" to Wear it.  Not So Much When You Feel You "HAVE" to Wear it. Its a Rainy Saturday Here So its the Perfect Day to Play. Have Fun Loves!!! You're Beautiful w/ or w/o not b/c of How You Look on the Outside, but b/c of Who You Are on the Inside.

Boldly Be, Uniquely You.
~ More Cullen Esq Outtakes & Filters ~
~ Original Shot in Natural Light ~
The Lipstick is Actually, Maybelline Vivid in Possessed Plum. I've Photographed it Several Times
Before, but For Whatever Reason, This Time I Kept Getting This Vampire Fresh From the Hunt Look. One of the Many Reasons You Can't be TOO Attached to a Look. Ya Never Know What a Camera or Filter Will See That The Mirror Doesn't. So it Goes. I Always Wanted to Sparkly in Sunlight So, I'm Fairly O.K. With the Vampire Look.

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