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~ New Music Monday ~ October 17th, 2016 ~ Underground ~

This week Kip Moore began teasing his upcoming EP titled, "Underground". He had put out a poll on Twitter asking fans to guess which 5 tracks they think would make the album and per his comments it would seem no one ever got it right. I'm hoping he gives that gift of listening to the EP on the bus with he and the Slow Hearts, to the closest guesser. I can't imagine how stoked that fan would be!!!!! The ability to pre-order "Underground" hit iTunes last night and fans have been playing the first track, "Me and My Kind" on repeat. There has been a lot of media with online magazines, etc. discussing this surprise EP and Moore has said in most of them that he did this project just for his die hard fans. Something to help everyone make it until the 2017 release of his next full album. The wait between, "Up All Night" and "Wild One's" was about three years and fans nearly lost their minds in anticipation of Moore's second project. While almost loosing their minds they also became addicted to the tunes that can only be found on YouTube via fan live show videos. It was the only way to hear new music as Kip has a tendency to test out his new tunes here and there at his live shows. These impromptu sharing's at live shows kinda pacifiy everyone and kinda only added fuel to the fire all at the same time.

I'm not sure if Kip and the guys are surprised by the fans knowing these "Underground" songs by heart or not. I would hope that it speaks to them and encourages them in the importance and influence their music has over their fans. One of the many reasons I am a fan of this group is how kind they all are to their fans. I do not know many artists that will stay until kicked out of a venue just to do a signing. I also do not know an artist that would trust their fan base so much that when asking them to turn off recording devices so they can share a new tune, they know they will turn them off and respect the beauty of that moment. I kinda think that is a big deal!!! Is it just me?!

Well, "Underground" doesn't drop until October 28th, but you can pre-order the 5 track EP via iTunes or When pre-ordering you will instantly receive the track, "Me and My Kind". You can also check M&G pics, shop the merch store, get updates if you sign up for their fan club, and/or purchase tickets for the, "Me and My Kind" tour happening NOW by clicking here to go to the Kip Moore Site. !!!!

To celebrate this fun surprise of a EP I am going to share some of my favorite YouTube video's of the tracks!!! Give them a watch, a listen, and then pre-order the album ASAP!!!

Track 1 ~ "All Time Low"
Track 2 ~"My Kind"
"My Kind", is the track you will instantly receive
when you pre-order, "Underground". Seeing as it is the
title of the current tour I vote that was a good idea. LOL!!
Track 3 ~ "Midnight Slow Dance"
Track 4 ~ "Separate Ways"
I think that "Separate Ways" should be a duet. I think every
part of it is set up for that, but that isn't how it was recorded.
So, I am sharing that one time Kip sang it as a duet with Jewel.
Don't take offense Kip, I feel the same way
about Carrie Underwoods, "Two Black Cadillacs".
Track 5 ~ "My Baby's Gone"
(For Whatever Reason There Weren't Names of  Who Originally
Posted These to YouTube For Me to Give Credit. If Yours, Feel
Free To Comment or PM Me and I'll Post Credit.)
I am not sure which tunes, if any will be sent to radio for this EP, but I am fairly certain all the Die Hard fans are hoping that at least, "My Kind" will hit airwaves. Whether it does or doesn't there are a slew of Kip Moore and the Slow Heart songs that can be requested with your local radio. So, call, text, tweet, insta, facebook, and maybe even send some good ol' snail mail to your local radio and request tunes from "Up All Night", "Wild Ones", and soon, hopefully,  "Underground".
To Check Past Posts on #NewMusicMonday and/or #KipMoore Just Type "New Music Monday" or "Kip Moore" into the blogs search bar. It should pull up a list of past posts for you to glance. Happy New Music Monday and Happy Underground EP!!!!!


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