Saturday, October 15, 2016

~ #PrayForKatie ~ A Celebration of Life ~ #GodIsEverything ~

Posted to Katie's FB by her Mom
Video Played at Celebration of Life Service for Katie
"God is everything. When you're on the verge of death and you hear
you have 3 months, the only thing that matters is the Lord.
He is the only one that is going to save me.
He is all that life is about."
  -Katie Dewan
The following is a compilation of posts from Instagram and Facebook for #PrayForKatie. For those that have followed her journey I would encourage you to watch the two video's attached to this post.
It is with a mournful heart that I share these update's from Katie's mom, posted to FB. ~ "Our sweet Katie peacefully passed into eternity and into her waiting Savior's arms this morning (September 24th, 2016) around 3:00 AM. Thank you for all the love and support you have shown us and Katie. Your continued prayers are appreciated."
I won't write it all here, but I shared in a past post a little of what I have learned from observing Katie and those that love her via social media. Social media can be so pointless, but I truly believe its up to the user to find a way to use it to Love God & Love His people. Katie and those around her have managed to do that in what I would imagine has been the most difficult time of life.
I've been reading posts on Katie's celebration of life, off and on. Its been kind of amazing, encouraging and challenging to read what folks have to say about her life and her Love for her Savior. I am sure the day was very heavy for her loved ones and while Katie's battle is done and we praise the Lord for that, I believe that our prayers are just as much needed now as they have been the last four months. Now that the battle is over, there will be time to count the wounds.
Please continue to keep Katie's loved ones in your prayers. I know the next days, weeks and months will be difficult for those who loved Katie. Pray with me for the family, friends, ministries, legacy that has been left behind by Katie. Pray as they mourn, return to a life outside of the hospital, and continue moving forward in the plans the Lord has for each of them. Continue to #PrayForKatie in that her legacy of Loving the Lord and loving His children would continued to be shared with each sharing of her story.


~ Matthew 5:4 "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." ~

To Read My First Post on #PrayForKatie, click the link highlihted below.

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