Tuesday, October 25, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ October 24th, 2016 ~ Capable ~

Capable. Capable is a Word I Keep Going Back to When I Find Myself, Doubting Myself. When I Feel Beat Down by Others Opinions of Me & What I Can or Can't Do. Every Time I Accomplish A Task That Others Thought I Couldn't or That I Had Thought I Couldn't I Am Reminded How Capable He Has Made Me. Am I Invincible?! Heavens No. Do I Still Need Help W Certain Tasks? Honey Yes!!!! But I Am Extremely Grateful This #MotoMonday For All The Hard Things That I Am Capable Of On My Own, But W The Lords Strength. He Has Made Us Capable of Handling Hard Things. He Has Equipped You to Handle the Things That Seem Impossible. You Are Capable!!!! Happy Motivation Monday Lovelies!!! I Hope You End This Day Feeling as Though You Have Accomplished A Lot.

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