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~ New Music Monday ~ October 24th, 2016 ~ American Idol Alum ~

Lauren Alaina - "Road Less Traveled"
fr "Lauren Alaina EP"
Starting this weeks #NewMusicMonday off with a little love your self tune by Lauren Alaina. We all know Alaina from her season 10 of American Idol. She placed second behind another, now country star, Scotty McCreery. In 2015 Lauren released her self titled EP and "Road Less Traveled" is the technical second single, but third video from the EP. Lauren has also begun speaking about her battle with eating disorders, handling people's criticism, and how to balance it all in such a public profession. I love this latest single and think that she has done a great job with it lyrically, vocally, as well as visually. So, give it a listen and watch and let me know what you think.
Speaking of that first place winner from Season 10, my next share is Scotty McCreery. With his Josh Turner baritone, boyish cuteness, and aw shucks southern charm McCreery was going to be difficult to beat when it came to public opinion. He has had success since American Idol not just musically, but academically. McCreery decided post idol to go ahead with his academic plans and attended college for three ears while writing, recording, touring and doing appearances. Earlier this year it was announced that he was going to take this year off of school, that Scotty left his label and was in the process of writing/recording new tunes. It seems he is one of those always gotta be doing something kind of folks, because along with those big choices he is also gearing up to head out on tour in November. I am sharing "Southern Belle" even though it didn't land on a full length album. I just think it is fun. I love that he went with high school/college life-esq visuals for this one. I can only imagine that this video set was a blast!!!!
Scotty McCreery - "Southern Belle"
My next share is from Season 4 winner, Carrie Underwood's, "Dirty Laundry". I have had this tune in my head ALLL THE WEEEKEND LONNNGGG!!!!!! I love it. Sister knows how to shade. Shade and SLAYYYY HONEY!!!!! She is so good at it she can't even help it. And I mean all of that as a compliment. LOL!!! "Storytellers" turned one year old this weekend and has had FIVE singles, count them FIVE, singles released thus far. All topping the charts both digital, radio and video. Carrie is currently on the "Storyteller" tour which has had dates added to it after the first leg was so successful. I'm unsure if Carrie can do any wrong. She may have gotten to the industry via a reality show and so people want to judge her for that, but I feel like there is no denying it is where she is meant to be. Her vocal talent alone is one that can't be ignored. Add in her showmanship, representation of the genre around the globe and in multi genre settings and I don't see how anyone could be anti-Carrie.

Carrie Underwood - "Dirty Laundry"
fr "Storytellers"
Kelly Clarkson - "Dark Side"
fr "Stronger"
I can't really do a post on American Idol and not start where it did, with Kelly Clarkson. A little throw back to Season 1 winner, multiplatinum, Grammy award winning genre jumping Kelly Clarkson. Season 1 of American Idol began the year my bestie and I had our very first off campus apartment. I recall one of our friends Jessica coming over and watching Idol with us and we would all yell at the TV. We couldn't control our selves and we knew from that very first audition when Clarkson threw down some "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" in a way that would make the Queen Aretha Franklin proud, that Kelly should win. We were committed to the season and celebrated when Kelly won and tried to sing in the midst of being emotional, shocked and having tons of confetti dropped on her all at the same time. I have been a Kelly fan from the get. She said things like "Cool Beans" and I did too. Watching her on AI made me feel a little more normal. Also, much like Carrie, I feel Clarkson's voice can not be denied. She has power, soul, and can run like no one's bizzzzz. I am choosing to do a little throw back to her pop career and share "Dark Side" from "Stronger", this New Music Monday because I think it is a question we all ask our selves. Would you still love me if you saw my dark side?!
Happy New Music Monday fellow music addix!!!!! I hope that you are having a beautiful October and are getting to enjoy some fun, fall activities. Who are you listening to as you carve pumpkins, go on hay rides, and knock back some PSL's???!!!! Both Carrie and Lauren's songs are current singles that just released video's. So, head to GAC and CMT sites and vote for them both. Also, don't forget to request their new tunes with your local radio. Every request makes a difference. 

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