Saturday, October 15, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ Thankful Thursday ~ Belated Birthday ~ October 13th, 2016

"To be loved but not known is comforting but superficial. To be known and not loved is our greatest fear. But to be fully known and truly loved is, well, a lot like being loved by God. It is what we need more than anything. It liberates us from pretense, humbles us out of our self-righteousness, and fortifies us for any difficulty life can throw at us" ~ Timothy Kellar ~

I am grateful to be known & loved still. Recently the Lord has been showing me a lot about what other people "see" when they look at me. Not the brown hair, blue eyes part, but the smart mouth, big heart part. Kindness, generosity, & thoughtfulness aren't just about giving people "things". Its about giving people your heart & trusting they will love you even when they've seen the darkest part of it. Sometimes that love and acceptance is represented in "things". When I receive something from a friend whether its a card in the mail, a hug in person or a thoughtful gift, I am reminded that I am known and that I am loved. I do my best to live life flaws exposed. I can't breathe if I feel I'm holding something back. I use to think this kind of living would only push folks away, but over the years the Lord has shown me repeatedly it is one of the mightiest ways He will use me to draw them in and unto Him. #ThankfulThursday I'm grateful He uses even my broken parts to Love His children. I am grateful to have friends I can be 100% hot mess express Stacie with and have them love me still. I am grateful to have the unexpected reminders that I am KNOWN andam loved. It is not always easy to believe both b/c our enemy is a LIAR, but I am SO grateful for the moments when God allows me grace andcan. Thank you to my friends & loved ones who love me like He does, with flaws on display & all. You'll never know how eternally grateful I am.

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