Sunday, October 9, 2016

~Insta Blog ~ Be a Friend ~ Oct. 9th, 2016 ~

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This is a rather heavy thought if we allow ourselves to linger on it. A lot of people will read it and think of romance, but I believe it is applicable to more than just that kind of relationship.
Yesterday I got to spend a few hours w one of my besties and her family. I always walk away from time with my besties realizing how very blessed I am to have each of them. The Lord REALLY made up for that no siblings thing with these folks. I also realize that not everyone is as lucky as I am to have so many folks that you truly call friend and count on when the chips are down. Some folks don't even have one that they would truly believe in and trust as a tried and true friend and they are LONGING for that kind of companionship. We see it all the time and probably skip right past it because it is presented in the form of a young female who over posts to socials or because it looks like someone who is hostile to all they meet. The list of "bad" examples of how this natural longing to be loved, accepted, heard, liked & I mean just flat out seen, manifests, is endless. I just today realized there are a few people the Lord has placed in my line of vision that I should be spending more time praying for and trying to be a friend to, than rolling my eyes or shaking my head at.
To have a friend, you must be a friend. Some folks do not know what that might look like in a world like the one we are in now so, it actually sometimes takes a little effort. Sometimes, actually, it takes a lot of effort. You can't be all, "well, they never call me, like my socials, wanna hang out", etc. All relationships, no matter their title (romantic, familial, business, friend, spiritual) require some pursuit. You won't always be the one pursuing nor will you always be the pursued. Its a give and a take. On this Sabbath I would challenge you to look around and maybe consider who the Lord could be asking you to be a friend to. Who could use your example of friendship? Love is free. Being kind to someone who is kinda rough around the edges, is generous. Showing grace to one who has never seen it in action, can be life changing, for you both! Be a friend. You never know who is straight up LONGING for your brand of friendship. Love Y'all!!! Happy Sabbath!!!

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