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~ New Music Monday ~ October 10th, 2016 ~ She's Got a Way With Words ~

Maggie Rose ~ "Love Me More"
fr "The Variety Show Vol. 1"
Uhm, OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That may be the only word I have to express my current affection for this song by Maggie Rose. Maggie Rose is a CMT Next Women of Country artist and her latest single, "Love Me More", says all the things we wish we could have in choosing to walk away from someone we "love". I've kinda been on a kick today with things that people may automatically relate to romance, but that are actually applicable in all relationships. Sometimes the folks or situations that we need to walk away from aren't the people we are dating. Sometimes it is bigger. Sometimes it is actually, even harder than someone we romantically loved. If you can imagine. I keep scrolling through several of the same thoughts in my mind. One of which is that sometimes you have to be selfish. I know I have said "sometimes" about a dozen times already in this paragraph, but life isn't an "always" situation. It is a sometimes thing. Sometimes, you have to be selfish. Sometimes, you HAVE to think about you. Sometimes, you have to do what is best for YOU in the long run. It isn't always the easiest. It isn't always the most popular choice. And sometimes, you end up taking this journey all on your own. This song though.............this song will help to feel as though you are not taking this walk alone. This song will help you feel like you are stronger just because you listened to it. Someone else gets it. Give "Love Me More", by Maggie Rose a watch, a listen, and add it to your play list.

Margo Price ~ "Since You Put Me Down"
Margo Price is an artist off of Jack White's, Third Man Records out of Nashville. Margo is another artist that I learned of via social media and via Rolling Stones Country round table discussion with several "up and coming" women of country. Margo struck me in how unapologetically she spoke of herself in comparison to other female country artists in terms of appearance. She pointed out her broken nose, mentioned a writer or dj that had called her "F'n ugly", and in pointing these things out basically gave everyone who might base their musical preferences on appearance, the middle finger. I personally think she is gorgeous and I LOVE that she doesn't look like every other Barbie doll produced by "the machine" that can sometimes be Nashville, I mean Mattel, (insert side eye here). Margo Price recently released and is touring the album, "Midwest Farmers Daughter" which has gotten tons of great reviews, but the tune I share with you today is from about two years ago. I would encourage you to check her out via YouTube or iTunes and let us know what you think.
I shared a cover of "I Put a Spell on You", but Aubrie Sellers several weeks ago. Since then Aubrie has released her newest album, "New City Blues", she has performed live at the iconic Austin City Limits, and that show aired on Direct TV and AT&T. If you didn't take my advice then to look her up, perhaps you will now. The clip I share today is from Sellers performance at Austin City Limits and it is a track off of "New City Blues" titled, "Sit Here and Cry". As I mentioned in my past post, you can for sure hear the vocal inheritance that Aubrie has been blessed with. Her mother is LeAnn Womack of "I Hope You Dance" chart topping success. LeAnn has a unique sound and even though you can hear some of it in Aubrie, I still feel like Sellers is very much her own artist. I think she has her own sound and style and I know, I am repeating myself, but I can't help it. Aubrie Sellars is an artist you need to get to know. "Garage Country" is her style and I am digging it!!! Google her, check her socials, download "New City Blues", like.......RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Aubrie Sellers ~ "Sit Here and Cry"
fr "New City Blues"
Live @ Austin City Limits Audience Roof Top

Kelleigh Bannen ~ "Welcome to the Party"
fr "Cheap Sunglasses EP"

Yes, I shared Kelleigh Bannen's, "Welcome to the Party" in a past post, but it has been getting some solid video time on CMT Next Women of Country series and I just can NOT get it out of my head. So, I NEEDED to share it again. I think that my favorite line may be, "Welcome to the freak show. It's come as you are". I mean, who isn't a bit of a freak? The weird folks in my experience can be the best folks. I love everything about this tune including the fun roller skating themed video. I have been following Kelleigh on socials most of the Summer and something that keeps making an impression on me is that she truly seems like a hustler. I mean hustler, in the very best way!!!! She is working a blog, pod cast, live performances, laying down tracks and probably about 100 other things that she doesn't post on social media and I can't help, but be impressed by it. If she doesn't start getting legit attention and air play I am gonna put the entire blame on the "industry" for not having her back and pushing her to radio like they should. That's right Nashville, I have done a lot of finger pointing at you this post. There is a chance I am harboring some bitterness. I'll see if I can work on that before next weeks #NewMusicMonday.

Maggie, Margo, Aubrie, Maren, Kacey, Kelleigh, Mickey, Cam, and Lindsey are names that you need to be getting use to hearing. These are just a few of the next generation of females in country music. All have singles out, all have at least one "official" video, some are getting regular radio air play, but most of them aren't. They are writers, players, and performers. If we do not like what's being represented as female artists in country music then it is going to take our calling in to local radio, requesting, voting on video pages, attending live shows, sharing with friends/followers, downloading from iTunes, and/or buying actual in hand copies of the folks that we think should be. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of what's out there, but.....BUT.......I think that at the moment, it may be a little difficult to tell one female artist from another. I'm not just talking blond hair. I mean it artistically as well. I truly don't know that I as a person, female, music lover, and radio listener am really being represented currently. It's like the guys are given all this freedom by labels, producers, radio etc. to be outlaws, rebels, complicated, dark, and to RAP FOR HEAVENS SAKE, but the females are expected to bounce, sing happy songs, love songs, be long legged and short skirted and take pictures with babies. I mean, is this an election year or what?!

I don't know about you, but for me, as a woman, happy songs and love songs aren't really all that I am about. I kinda hate love songs. So, stick that in your pipe and smoke it radio. Chicks ROCK!!!! When I see a female dominating on a electric guitar all I can think is, "how can I be her when I grow up??!!!". Kacey Musgraves has truly come into her own in the last two years. She is a legit writer/performer that represents country music as a genre, her musical roots and kind of a traditional country flare with really everything she does. Marren Morris is the top nominated female this year at the CMA's, tying with Church.....ERIC CHURCH!!!! Just, I'm just gonna give you a second to linger on that.........mkay, you done? Maren has ONE ALBUM. One. ONE! Two singles. TWO!!! Lindsey Ell is about to do a few opening dates for Kip Moore on his "Me and My Kind " tour. (Die Hards' don't get rowdy, this isn't hate, it's math.) Per my research, IDK Kip has ever had a chick as an opening performance on one of his tours yet. He has been along a opening line up that included females and for females, but I can't find info that any have been apart of his tours yet. That being said, this is KINDA A BIG DEAL!!!! Especially when you consider the rabid fan base that are Kip Moore's, Die Hards. I think that Lindsey has the potential here to win a completely new group of listeners and Kip has an opportunity to add a solid amount of dudes to his audience. LOL!!! Sorry bro, the ladies love you and you can't even help it. It isn't your fault that the pit is usually predominately cleavage. I'm sure that's real difficult on you. LOL!!! I'm PLAYING!!! Everyone calm down.

Kacey Musgraves covering "Yellow"
by Cold Play at Royal Albert Hall
in the UK 2015

What I am trying to say in all this babble, joking, sarcasm and music sharing is something I think that I am always trying to say in my New Music Monday posts. If you are tired of hearing the same 3 songs when you are in the car for 20 minutes, then call and request what you want to hear. Most radio stations have social media now and they love hearing from you via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They want to know what you want to hear and if we don't make our voices heard they are just gonna play what everyone else is playing.....over and over and over until our ears start bleeding. So, get to requesting!!!

For past #NewMusicMonday artists, videos, and posts just type "New Music Monday" into the blogs search bar for a list to cruise. Have a great week y'all!!!!

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