Monday, October 24, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ October 21st, 2016 ~ Made to be Alone ~


It Is A Chilly, Rainy, Grey, Dreary Day Out & I Find it to be Intoxicatingly Beautiful!!!!! I LOVE These Kinds of Days. They Bring An Indescribable Peace to My Soul. I Know That My Affections for a Rainy Day Aren't Popular, but That's OK. The Older I Get the More Grateful I Become for the Way the Lord Has Uniquely Made My Heart. I LOVE PEOPLE!!!! I Have Been Overwhelmingly Blessed in the Friend Department. My Crazy Family Tree is Fairly Awesome as Well. But, Again I Know This Isn't Everyone's Situation. As Much as I Love People I Also LOVE Alone Time. Perhaps its the Only Child Part of Me, but When the Days Are Too Much, I Crave It. I Know That is Rare Too. I Know Many Spend Their Days Starving To Be in Someone's, Almost Anyone's, Company. I Know the Lord Can Change My Heart, Mind, Situation in a Heart Beat. So, I Never Want to Take for Granted the Beautiful Peace I Have in Being Contented, Alone. So Many of My Friends Long For a Certain Kind of Companionship & My Heart Continuously Breaks for Them While They Wait on the Lord to Fill That Void. My Prayer on This Dreary Beautiful Friday is that the Lord Would Share Some of My Peace & Contentment w Those Waiting on Him to Write The Love Part of Their Story. Don't Get it Twisted, I Have My Moments. I'm Human for Heavens Sake. But For The Most Part I Have a Beautiful Peace in My Solitude. I'm Unsure I could Really Explain it Properly. Just Know God Has a Plan For You & Your Heart. He is Not Purposeless. A Season of Waiting, When Waiting on the Lord, Is NOT Wasted. I challenge & encourage My Lonely Hearts to Find a Way to Serve Him & His Children While You Wait. One of My Biggest Fears is Wasted Time. I Try to Always Have the Mindset That Even the Slowest of Days Has Purpose. Anyway, All That To Say, You Are Loved. You Are Not Alone. He Has A Plan for You. Don't Let the Waiting be Wasted. That Part is Kinda Up to You.

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