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~ New Music Monday ~ June 6th, 2016 ~ Instagram Jams ~

Happy New Music Monday! This weeks jams are from none other than Instagram. The artists that I will be sharing this week have either liked, commented and/or follow me on Instagram. So, in turn I have returned the favor by checking out their pages, tunes, etc. This may truly be the newest of New Music Mondays' so far for The Faith Journals. Social media is intended for socializing, duh! But so many of us just scroll through and never show any love, likes or comments on the things we are seeing, reading, and hearing. As I mentioned earlier, the artists shared today showed me some insta love in liking, commenting or following my #Instagram so, in turn I have checked out their #Instas, tunes, and showed a little #InstaLove by liking, commenting and now by sharing with you. Not all talent is on the radio. Especially these days!!! Some of the best music existing currently is music by artists you probably haven't heard of yet. As a music addict and blogger I feel it is part of my responsibilities to share the unheard with you and give you some direction on how to find out more. So, this #NewMusicMonday will start with Liv Miraldi.........

Liv  - YouTube - "Every Time He Lays Me Down"
.......per her Instagram Liv Miraldi is an adventurer, fan of fashion and a musician. Based in what appears to be Nashville, she currently is on adventure in Italy. Her most recent adventures have me suffering from vacation FOMO. Italy is on my list and she is sharing some of the best pics of the country. Liv keeps up with her social media by sharing her adventures and peformances with her followers. I don't believe there are too many tunes out yet (that I could find), but give this one a listen from YouTube and if you want to find out more on Liv, her travels, performances, blog and tunes, her Instagram can be found HERE. Miraldi's link in profile can direct you to her blog.

Next is Ryan Hurd another writer out of Nashville. I first heard of Ryan when he accompanied Maren Morris on a set at The Listening Room that was Periscoped by The Country Note several weeks or maybe even a month ago. He had great harmonies and so it was of no surprise that he too was a musician. You may recognize him from his Grammy nominated tune sung by Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe, "Lonely Tonight". Most recently he did a weekend of performances with Chase Rice. Below is Hurd at The Listening Room in Nashville, TN performing, "Drunk People".

Ryan Hurd - "Drunk People"
The Listening Room - Nashville

To learn more about Ryan and to be kept up to date on his to do's follow his Instagram found HERE. Ryan's link in profile will lead you to his spotify if you wanna do more research.

Next on my list is Kelleigh Bannen a writer/performer out of Nashville (because truthfully that is where some of the best writers reside so, why wouldn't you live there if you wanted to write?!). Recently she performed at a few dates on the Next Women of Country Tour as well as the 3 Girls Walk Into a Bar Tour. Along with those tour dates Bannen also had a slot at the ACM Party for A Cause/Women of Country night of music in Las Vegas, sharing the stage with Lauren Alaina, Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer, & Kelly Pickler. When scrolling Bannen's Instagram you will be asking yourself is she a model or a singer?! Kelleigh has posted some gorgeous beauty/fashion/promo shots on her account and could honestly fit right into the pages of your favorite fashion magazine. But don't get it twisted, this Next Woman of Country isn't just a pretty face, she also has a voice that is thick and sweet like molasses. Along with the beauty and lifestyle shots Bannen shares a few quick clips of her doing some covers as well as a few of her own tunes. By all appearances and listens Bannen will soon be on everyone's radar if not in liner notes as a contributor to a tune, but with her own voice. I look forward to watching this career move. I follow Kelleigh on Insta and if you are a fan of music, country music, females, females in country music, and just great voices, then you should follow her too. To follow Kelleigh Bannen or to scroll her pics you can check her Instagram account by clicking HERE. Kelleigh has a link in profile that will lead you to her blog as well as her newest video for the tune "Smoke When I Drink".

Kelleigh Bannen - "Famous"

Lastly on this weeks #NewMusicMonday is Ben Haggard, to find out more and where to find his tunes follow him on Instagram by clicking HERE. But first, you may recognize Ben by his last name as he is the youngest son of Merle Haggard. Ben has been playing in his fathers band, The Strangers as well as sharing his own tunes online, for many years. Most recently you may have seen him perform with The Strangers and Toby Keith in tribute to his father on the Country Countdown Awards. Below is a YouTube vid of Haggard performing with The Strangers and Kris Kristofferson. Ben has a voice a bit reminiscent of his father, but I would encourage you to take a minute and go listen to the work he has done on his own. While he may sound similar to his pops he still has his own sound and style. Ben is rather faithful at sharing his tunes on social media and as of late he has shared few stories of what life with his dad was like. I think story telling is in his blood so it is no surprise that he does a good job doing so on social media as well as with his lyrics. Head over to Instagram and YouTube to give a listen to Ben Haggard. Ben has also recently started a Snap Chat account that he promo's regularly on Instagram. His handle and other info can be found in his InstaBio.

 Ben Haggard - YouTube - "Heaven Was a Drink of Wine"
Just a few snippets of artists you might wanna keep a eye out for. The landscape of music, in any genre, is constantly changing and you never know who or what is gonna hit next. But if you are anything like me, you enjoy knowing which direction the storm is headed. This weeks #NewMusicMonday may be one of my favorites as it is filled with folks that not everyone has heard of or are currently being played on the radio. I hope to do more posts inspired by my social media finds in the future. Stay tuned for next weeks #NewMusicMonday and if you wanna be kept up to date on posts or just for a good giggle you can follow me on #Instagram by clicking HERE . I often share things that I find inspirational, challenging, entertaining, creative, DIY's, bargains, as well as my love of music.
DON'T FORGET!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE THE POWER TO GET THESE FOLKS ON RADIO!!!!!!!! I have let off the gas on this a bit, but I want to remind you that you have the ability to get these folks as well as many others heard on the radio. Most artists share via their social media when they are releasing a tune to radio and you therefor can mark your calendar to begin requesting it. Sometimes it even helps if you start requesting work from an artist prior to their release. Gives the radio pause to research the artist for themselves and potentially add them to their rotation. Sometimes all it takes is that one song, that one spin, to truly set off someone's career. Nowadays you can request tunes by tweeting, Facebook comments, instas, text as well as good ol' faithful.....a phone call. Ring Ring - "Hey Mr. DJ Play my favorite song!!!!" a little JLo there for ya. LOL!!! Happy Listening and catch you next week for #NewMusicMonday!!!! What are some Summer tunes you plan on keeping in rotation??!!!

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