Sunday, June 5, 2016

~ Girl Defined ~ Figuring Out if Biblical Womanhood is For You ~ Video 4

So, the last video of the 4 part series is titled, "Figuring Out if Biblical Womanhood is For You", and is the final challenge posed by the "Girl Defined" book. Part 4 in "Girl Defined" is titled, "Choosing to Be A Girl Defined By God" and Part 5 is titled, "Femininity Worth Fighting For", in both parts the authors lay out some harder truths for those of us claiming Christianity today. Even harsher truths, in my opinion, for those of us claiming to be living out female Christianity. As I have mentioned in each of these posts there have been parts of the book that I have highlight with m'neon pink highlighter and that I might as well have highlighted the entire page. I truly found these chapters to not just be reminders of the calling the Lord has placed on my life as a Christian, but even more so the calling He has placed on my life as a female Christian. With sentences like the following, "In a culture in which most women are rebelling against God's design, God is looking for those who will be faithful. He is looking for those who will go against the grain and obey His word.", how does one walk away with out a burden?!

I have been girly-girl since my entrance into this crazy world. Ironically enough, until my entrance into this crazy world my family was assured on multiple occasions by their physician that I was going to be a boy. Hell-o, my name is Chad. I still get a kick out of just how wrong those doctors and sonogram techs where on this one. And my poor family had zero female names on the back burner for just in case. So, on the fly, with everyone's input, I was named Stacie Marlana, and I must say that for a on the fly decision, they did a pretty good job. I've always liked my names and I know that not everybody feel that way about their name. Anyway, back to femininity, I mean, I should've just came out with my nails painted and a fierce lip, that's how female I am. LOL!!! It is no surprise or at least it should be of no surprise to me that one of the greater convictions I've ever felt is that to be true to who I am and how God created me, specifically. My truth is that God created me uniquely me and chose my gender of female for a purpose. I feel for me to deny that in anyway is to do deny His plan(s) for my life.

I still have a ton of questions concerning the current season of life I am in, but I find a great peace in the knowledge that I am not in control. Way back when I gave my life to God and accepted His Son as my Lord and Savior I gave every part of my life. It wasn't a you can have my time, but my heart is mine or a you can have my health, but my money is mine, thing. It was an all in moment and when I think back to that night in summer VBS in a small country church with my cousin leading me in the sinners prayer I think about how quickly my heart was beating and how sure I was that I was doing exactly what I was meant to. I walked down my grandparents drive way very aware that I was about to tell my family of possibly the first decision I had made on my own, for my life.....for my eternity. I suppose that was the first time I shared my testimony if ya think about it. Now, as I face hurt, confusion, frustrations, and currently more valleys than mountains, I go back to that night and remember that He called me specifically. He knocked on the door of my heart for a reason. I want to encourage you that no matter where you are in life right now, my prayer is that the Lord would allow you some peace as to His plans for your life. That He would allow you vision, passion, and clarity on His calling for you. While there may be a time of waiting for His fulfillment of some of the promises He has made to you, that is no reason to twiddle your thumbs. This is the last sentence from the book I'll share and I'll close with it as a challenge to us all while we wait, while we pray, while we work, "Don't wait to reach the next season of life to start creating your legacy.".

If you are interest in purchasing "Girl Defined" or learning more about the ministry you can click HERE to be directed to their web page. "Girl Defined" can also be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as in Christian Book stores around the US.
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