Sunday, June 5, 2016

~ Girl Defined ~ The Power of Embracing God Defined Womanhood ~ Video 2 ~

The second video from the "Girl Defined" four part video series is titled, "The Power of Embracing God Defined Womanhood". It stems from Part 2 of the "Girl Defined" book titled, "Getting Back to God's Design" and it hits on how we feel about and deal with our appearance, the power that is being created specifically with the gender of female, being a modern female with a Biblical view of womanhood, and how to live all that out in real life.

One of the sentences that stood out to me because of its irrefutable truth is, "If you want God's truth to transform your heart and your life, you must allow it to inform your worldview.".  Makes perfect sense does it not?! However, we so easily get caught up in what the world considers womanhood. It happens sometimes with out us even fully realizing. This video shares 4 secret to living out the brave and bold womanhood discussed in Part 2 of "Girl Defined". Give the second video in this series a watch and feel free to share what you gleamed from it in the comment section.

If you are interest in purchasing "Girl Defined" or learning more about the ministry you can click HERE to be directed to their web page. "Girl Defined" can also be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as in Christian Book stores around the US.
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