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~ Discount Diva ~ Ibotta Ap & Walmart Savings Catcher ~

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Hello Discount Diva's!!! We just a gully washer of a rain where I am today and I had hopes that it would last the rest of the day, but alas I see the sun peaking through. I love a rainy day. It has been awhile since I have shared any #DiscountDiva, #BreakingItDown or #QuickFix posts so, I thought that the new addition of the Ibotta and WalMart Savings Catcher APs to my phone would be a good place to pick back up. You all know through my past posts that I am all about stretching, saving, & earning a dollar wherever I can, whenever I can. Ibotta is one of the newest ways that I am making those things happen. Ibotta is a AP for your smart phone that allows you to "Unlock" coupons for specific stores by answering extremely quick and easy survey questions or by watching a 15 second video/promo of an item. A lot of the time you don't have to do either. At first I was hesitant. I thought I do not have time for watching videos, etc., but it literally takes seconds and then you get a "coupon". Something that requires very little brain power and can be done while waiting in line, watching TV, listening to music and what not. With Ibotta you do not give the coupons to the cashier as you would typical in hand paper coupons or even your phone as you would with an AP like Cartwheel. Instead, after you purchased your items you "verify" a purchase by scanning the QCode on your receipt and with some stores by scanning the bar code of the item. The Ap will give you the specifics per store when you verify. You then give them about 24 hours to "verify" the items to the "coupons" you had unlocked and then they credit your account with the total. It can accumulate kinda quickly depending on how often you grocery shop, go to the pharmacy, or eat out. There are even rebates/coupons for restaurants, gas stations, etc. Once you have "unlocked" $20.00 worth of deals you can continue accumulating or transfer the money directly into your bank account, pay pal account or use it for one of several gift cards for sites such as Amazon, iTunes, Sephora, WalMart, Starbucks, etc. With my first $20 I had it transferred into my paypal account and used it to purchase a "want" at Target. With Targets free shipping and my Ibotta money I was able to purchase the new Maren Morris CD, "Hero" as well as two box sets of one of my guilty pleasures, CSI:NY. I was ecstatic. I know not everyone understands the joy that comes from saving money or getting to unexpectedly purchase a "want" and not just a "need" item. But for me it was a big deal and a great unexpected treat.
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Along with Ibotta I would like to encourage you to also add the WalMart Savings Catcher Ap to your smart phone. Both of these Aps are well worth the space they take up on your smart phone. The WalMart Savings Catcher Ap is another AP that gives money directly back. It isn't something you hand to the cashier nor is it a place where you "clip" or "unlock" coupons. The Savings Catcher Ap takes your receipt and compares the items you purchased to the sales ads for that week from WalMarts competitors in your area. So, say you purchase a gallon of milk at WalMart for $5.00 and next door at Food City it only costs $4.00, the ap would catch that and send you a $1.00 refund. So, post WalMart purchase you scan your receipt QCode or BarCode via the Savings Catcher Ap, I try to do it while pushing my buggy to the car or as soon as I get in my car before I leave the parking lot, then I don't have to think about it later. Then you once again, give them about 24 hours to compare sales ad for your area, once they have finished they will e-mail you either an amount of what you are being refunded along with the comparison of where they found the discount, etc. or an e-mail letting you know that their prices weren't beat that week or that what you purchased didn't qualify for comparison. Items that would not qualify are things like prescriptions, anything at the eye center, or are perhaps WalMart specific. Something other stores wouldn't carry. Again, you can accumulate money or use it as soon as you get it. With each addition to your Savings Catcher Ap you receive an e-mail with a bar code for in store use or a code for online use. Also, money from Savings Catcher can only be used at WalMart. It isn't transferable to your bank account, pay pal, etc. I look at it like WalMart Money, just like any other store that has a store specific rewards program. I personally tend to let it accumulate so that I can use it on something I "want" and not just things that I "need". It is comforting for me to know there is a "extra" $20.00 in "WalMart Money" that doesn't deduct from my normal budget, that is there just in case or so that I can buy a birthday present, card, or whatever.

I recently took a trip to WalMart that was one of those I somehow let everything run out and now have to buy the entire store kind of trips. Well, between Ibotta, WalMart Savings Catcher and in hand paper coupons I was able to save/earn $14.50. To me, that is a big deal!!!!! That is several Starbucks, a half a tank of fuel for the car, money for prescriptions which never have a coupon or are on sale cause medicine is like that, or to put toward getting the oil changed in the car. To me trimming $14.50 off of my bill or getting it back in gift card from is totally worth the five minutes it took to cut the coupons, scan the QCode or barcode. For more info on the WalMart Savings Catcher click HERE.

Both Aps can be found in the Ap Store on your smart phone and are free to down load. If you would like to check out Ibotta or down load the Ap please use my referral code and we both will get a bonus !! All ya gotta do is click this link Ibotta Referal Code create an account, start picking "coupons" and after your first purchase verification we will both get our bonus! Super easy right?!!!

Hope that this Discount Diva Breaking it Down post was helpful for ya. I know that most of us are on some sort of a budget so, I believe in sharing survival tips and ways to stretch or save a buck or fourteen. LOL!! How do you make a dollar stretch? Are you already an Ibotta or WalMart Savings Catcher user? What has your experience been? How much have you saved?

For past posts on coupons, discounts, store rewards programs, etc. feel free to type "Discount Diva", "Breaking it Down", "Coupon", "Discount", or "Receipt" into the blogs search bar and it should lead you to past posts. Any problems let me know!

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