Sunday, June 5, 2016

~ Girl Defined ~ Counterfeit Womanhood You've Done Me Wrong ~ Video 1 ~

I am horribly behind on all my "Girl Defined" posts. I apologize. Today has been a good day for me health wise so, I am taking full advantage and getting all caught up on the things that get pushed to the side on my rough days. My fellow chronic sufferers understand, I am sure. Anyway, this is the first video in a series of 4 that work in combination with "Girl Defined" the book. Bethany and Kristen have done an amazing job putting their thoughts, lessons learned, and Biblical revelations on paper and I find these video's to be the perfect highlighting of those words.

This video goes along with Part One - Femininity Gone Wrong and is Chapter 3 in the "Girl Defined" book titled, "Counterfeit Womanhood You've Done Me Wrong". In reading this chapter in particular I saw a lot of myself. I tend to think of myself as a fairly independent person. I don't frequently ask for help and when offered I have a tendency to refuse it. While it is wonderful to be independent and know how to handle things on your own it also can be a slippery slope into what the authors state as "living the culture's definition of a strong woman.". That isn't who I want to be or how I hope people see me. My hearts desire is to be seen as woman who is strong because of her faith in God, not because of her faith in herself alone.

Give Video 1 a watch and I hope you follow up by reading "Girl Defined, God's Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity".

If you are interest in purchasing "Girl Defined" or learning more about the ministry you can click HERE to be directed to their web page. "Girl Defined" can also be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as in Christian Book stores around the US.
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