Friday, April 29, 2016

~ Girl Defined ~ Book Launch ~ Coming Soon ~

Girl Defined Book Trailer
I hope that you all are having a beautiful day. #NewMusicMonday & other #RegularlyScheduled posts at #TheFaithJournals will return this coming Monday, May 2nd. However, I am very excited and couldn't wait to announce that myself along with 'The Faith Journals' will be apart of the 'Girl Defined' launch team for their FIRST BOOK!!!!! I have so been looking forward to announcing this that it has been difficult to focus on much else. I have been on the road for the last week, but as I settle back into my version of "normal" I have begun posting how/when/where you can get your copy of the 'Girl Defined' book. As apart of the launch team I will be reading 'Girl Defined - Gods Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity' and sharing my thoughts, insights, feelings, etc. with you as I go along.
I received my 'Girl Defined' book several days ago & the authors sent along with it a sweet hand written note and flower seeds. It is thoughtful, kind, & personal touches like these little ones that only amp up my excitement for promoting this book, ministry and its authors. I came across Girl Defined (The Baird sisters) through instagram. I follow several ministry oriented feeds and you know how it goes. You click one link and then before you know it you are five links in. I also follow 'Girl Defined' little sister 'Hello Modesty'. 'Hello Modesty' is a feed dedicated to female fashion, hair styling, make-up, etc. all while trying to keep with the idea and conviction of modesty. I must say I was immediately impressed with both ministries the further I looked into them. I keep thinking, where was this when I was in full time women's ministry???!!! Girl Defined the Blog has only existed for two years so, it comforts me to know that it wasn't even out there back then. Helps me feel like I wasn't missing something. LOL!!! With that said, having experienced women's ministry on the front line and having many friends that are 1. still in ministry or are 2. raising females, I now feel it is my responsibility as a sister in Christ to pass along such amazing and biblically based finds. They say it takes a tribe and I wanna do my part. You know, aside from feeding the children loads of candy and sending them back to their parents. LOL!!! #AuntStacie
As I said before, I will be letting you know how/when/where you can 1. Order/Purchase a copy of #GirlDefined. 2. Be posting links for free downloadables from @girldefined (can be found on instagram, fb & twitter by this handle) and much more!!! This week along with the announcement of #TheFaithJournals joining in on the launch we wanna share how/where/when you can make a #PREorder. By following this link Girl Defined PreOrder, when Pre-ordering 'Girl Defined' by May 17th you will get several amazing FREE bonuses!

Free Bonus' such as......
12 Custom Designed Bible Verse Memory Cards
Exclusive Girl Defined Coloring Book
Guaranteed Admission to the LIVE Summer Webinar Study
Inspiring Computer Background Wallpaper
Beautiful Phone Wallpaper
4 Part Quick Start Audio Training Guide & Access to Private Insider Videos
These pre-order bonuses are only available until May 17th!!!! I am so very excited to read this book and be apart of this team. In the next few days I'll be sharing more about the Summer webinar Bible Study put together by 'Girl Defined'. ~ Stay Tuned ~ More to Come ~ Until then, here is a word on the Summer webinar from Kristen and Bethany, the authors of 'Girl Defined'.
Authors of 'Girl Defined'
Summer Webinar Invitation

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