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~ New Music Monday ~ New Kids on the Block.....Sorda ~ April 12th ~

So, this weekend both Loretta Lynn and Dierks Bentley were a hop, skip, and a jump away and I could not attend, per usual. Needless to say, I am curled into the fetal, rocking back and forth while switching between singing "Coal Miners Daughter", "You Ain't Woman Enough", and the Maren Morris part of "I'll Be the Moon". I rarely suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), but a good concert/performance will do it to me every time.

I feel you will all be glad to know that I have finally started to simmer after my post ACM stew and am slowly getting over it. LOL!!! I mean, we'll see. I'll be curious to see what goes down in 2017. Anyway, onto more important and present things, like new music!!!!! None of these artists are what would be considered brand spakin' new, but none of them have had the success just yet that would make them a house hold name. I've had the first two #NewMusicMonday shares in notebook for several weeks, but because of the ACM's, etc. have had to put them off until now. I suppose I have a certain rules of order in my mind when it comes to #NewMusicMonday. I appreciate you hanging with it. These first two fellas' may be new names/faces to you. Neither have had a ton, if any, popularity with radio. One of them I am unsure ever will. Assuming that he sticks to his current style and vibe. I am actually saying that with a great deal of respect and not hate. It is NOT because his music isn't wonderful, but because radio is trendy. They do not have the concern of music being actual good music or meaning something. They are simply concerned with numbers. I suppose that makes sense, but it also makes me violent mad at the same time. I do NOT understand why some tunes get little to no air time, but I digress.

Josh Kelley - "It's Your Move"
fr upcoming album
"New Lane Road"

First this week I wanna share Josh Kelleys' newest song, "It's Your Move", from his upcoming album "New Lane Road". You may recognize the lead female in this video as Kelley's wife, Katherine Heigle formerly from Grey's Anatomy. Not only is she the female lead in his newest video, but she directed it too. I think she did a beautiful job in both roles. I believe that I saw the video before I heard the music it was so gorgeous, but once I heard the lyrics, really heard them, I was hooked. I think this is a beautiful offering for the first release off of this album. Give it a watch and listen and share your thoughts.

Second on this #NewMusicMonday is an artist that I doubt you have heard of yet, Sturgill Simpson. I wanna say that my first exposure to him was in an article posted on Facebook by a music/magazine-esq page. They wrote enough to get me curious and then Simpson went and covered Nirvana's, "In Bloom" and I just HAD to check out even more of his tunes. Sturgill. Sturgill? Sturgill! old school vocals and refreshing beauty to my ears. I will be honest and say at first listen, literally the very first few notes, I was all, "uhhhhh IIIIIIIIIIIIII donnnn't knnnnooowwww". However, I kept listening and then I needed to listen again and again. The cover of "In Bloom" is such a perfectly opposite end of the Nirvana spectrum that I don't know how you can't love it and still feel like you are listening to and showing respect to Kurt Cobaine and his genius. There were a lot of "and"s in that sentence, but I do feel like a little kid showing their friends a new discovery they made. So, appropriate it is. Great, now I sound like Yoda. ANYWAY, I think he (Kurt) would've given his hole hearted approval. "Hole" pun, unintended. If you wanna listen to some of the tunes off of a "Sailors Guide...", Simpsons current album, NPR has a link you can access HERE to give it all a listen. Tell me you don't become a addict as well. I dare you. Simpson has a hurt in his voice that translates so well through all his lyrics. It's so reminiscent. I truly can't wait to listen to even more of his tunes and learn more about him as an artist. On my McKays list he goes!!!!

Sturgill Simpson - "In Bloom"
fr "A Sailors Guide to the Earth"
Maren Morris - "Drunk Girls Don't Cry"
fr current EP Self Titled and
upcoming Album "Hero"
Yes, I have shared Maren Morris with you via #NewMusicMonday Past Post , but she qualifies for this weeks "New Kids" theme so, I will take the opportunity to share yet another fab Morris tune with you. But first, can I just say how grateful I am to music magazines and other outlets who Periscope, Facebook Live, and Insta Vid shows for those of us that can't make it out to the shows?! This weekend while I was suffering from Loretta and Dierks FOMO I was also aching because of the broke down beauty that is Tin Pan South, a writer/performer series of shows that happen in Nashville. It is a artist/writer with their acoustic and fellow writers/singers telling stories of how they met, first time seeing them perform, and the stories behind the songs and relationships that have been built through it all. It's kinda magical. This weekend not all the venues allowed live streaming, but LUCKILY last night The Listening Room allowed media outlets to live stream and I was able to watch Maren Morris and Kacey Musgrave perform several of their tunes. I was giddy as a gal can be!!!!! This music lover does not take for granted the wonder and gift that live stream is. I may be making that sound like a bigger deal than it is to you, but to me.....its a BIG OL' DEAL!!!!!!
Now, onto Maren, this tune is from her current and self titled EP. It will also be on her upcoming full album, titled "Hero". There will be several songs added to it that are obviously not on the EP. One of which she performed last night called, "Rich". I SO wish that I could find a recording to share with you, but soon enough, soon enough. It's a great, truthful, fun tune that I personally related too. You'll see. For now, listen to this amazing tune, "Drunk Girls Don't Cry", it is EPICCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!! or maybe I just love it that much ??!!! I dunno. You decide.
Lastly, I share RaeLynn. Yes, RaeLynn. I have shared the official vid for this tune before, but again, she fits the "New Kids" theme and is someone I felt should've played even the tiniest role in the Dolly tribute at last weeks ACMs. RaeLynn was introduced to us by NBCs The Voice by becoming a member of Team Blake. She didn't win, but she did earn her way into Shelton's camp and has done BGVs for he and Miranda. This past fall she toured with Maren Morris, Clare Dunn, Ashley Monroe and several other up and coming females on Miranda Lamberts, "Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars" tour. It was a all girl set of dates and yet another show I suffered FOMO over. #StoryOfMyLife!!! I have been following RaeLynn on social media as well as listening to her songs on youtube for about a year now and I am a bit smitten with her. I imagine it is not easy to be a young girl in Nashville and of course social media is what you make it, but I am prepared to say I am impressed with her so far. I have high hopes for her as an artist, writer and just flat out personality in the country community. Not all artist have personality that is as outgoing and personable as RaeLynns so, I add it to her list of talents and gifts. Now y'all know I love me some behind the music so, I thought this youtube clip of the story behind "For a Boy" along with a performance was perfect for sharing on this "New Kids on the Block" themed #NewMusicMonday.

RaeLynn - "For a Boy"
I hate to be continually repeating myself, but if ever there were a time I think #NewKidOnTheBlock #NewMusicMonday is a good one. DON'T FORGET to be calling in, texting, tweeting, facebook-ing, instagram-ing, e-mailing and snail mailing in your requests to your local radio. IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!! As does your online votes for country video stations. It only takes a moment and leaves a lasting impression for a song/artist/band. So, as soon as you finish reading this....VOTE AND REQUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Listening and Happy Voting!!!! If anyone needs me I'll be listening to NPRs preview of Sturgill's album. See ya next #NewMusicMonday !!!!!

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