Friday, April 15, 2016

#NewMusicMonday ~ April 18 & 25th ~ Spring Break ~

It has been a crazy week or so and there are a few exciting possibilities up ahead. In preparation and with a desire to remain focused New Music Monday & The Faith Journals will be taking a two week "Spring break". We will return May 2nd with more tunes, reviews, & clever thoughts. Coincidently we return the same day Dierks Bentleys' new album #Black drops. Truthfully I am so nervous about it I needed time to prepare, especially after hearing his newest clip this morning from the tune #WhatTheHellDidISay!!!! But fo' reals tho....

Kip Moore - "Running for You"
fr "Wild Ones"
.....before we hit the chill mode I want to alert you to several things. Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts are  back up from #6 to #3 on GAC TVs Top 20 Country Countdown with Nan Kelly!!! I think that we can all agree that "Running For You" by Kip Moore and directed by Life in Rewinddeserves to see #1 and I really think y'all can help get it there!!! Kip has such a fiercely loyal and charismatic group of fans that it is not a far reach to believe that we can move this tune/vid three spots in one week.  Remember you can vote up to 10x's a day by following this link to GAC VOTING PAGE. Up to 10 VOTES A DAY on the GAC countdown!!!!! It truly only takes a few seconds and each set of votes makes a difference. Lets see about getting "Running for You" to #1!!!

Secondly, I wanna remind you that Sturgill Simpson released his newest album, "A Sailors Guide to Earth", today. You can click on THIS LINK to read last weeks #NewMusicMonday which highlighted Simpson's cover of "In Bloom", originally by Nirvana. You can also CLICK HERE to get to the NPR link that offers a sample listen of "A Sailors Guide....". Sturgill is someone that seems to be totally unimpressed and unchanged by what is trendy, popular, and radio friendly. I mean that in the VERY BEST way. He has old school vocals and a awesome creative sound instrumentally. "In Bloom" with a horn section is kinda amazing. A brass addition in this arrangement causes me to question why no one thought of this before?! Below I'll post Nirvana's version of "In Bloom" just to remind you of what its original sound was, as well as Simpsons version. Both are epic and ipod worthy. Head over to iTunes, amazon, etc. and download your copy now. It was also announced today that Sturgill Simpson will be performing at The Ryman Auditorium in October. Tickets go on sale the 22nd of this month. He along with his band will be performing next week on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, check your local listings.

Lastly, on the #NewMusicMonday topic, both Brandy Clark and Dierks Bentley have albums heading our way. Both albums can be pre-ordered by heading to their websites (click on their highlighted name above) or iTunes and in pre-ordering you will receive several immediate downloads from the albums.

Now, while we take a moment to chill and dream, we hope you keep jammin' to sweet tunes, rockin' out at killer shows, and supporting great artists/music. Keep makin' those requests to radio AND gettin' in those votes for video!!!!! Just takes a sec. Here is the link to CMT Hot 20 Voting Page so that you can vote "Running for You" up that countdown as well. CMT has no voting limit per day so, if you have time to vote more than once, twice or ten times, then please do!!!! You can google your local radio to find links to their social media pages, request hotlines and voting hotlines. I follow all available local radio social media as well as have their numbers saved in my celly so that I can request a variety of ways and at a variety of times. Traffic Jam = Phone Call. Standing in line at grocery = mobile FB request. So on and so forth. Find me on Instagram and follow @StacieTennessee for #NewMusicMonday and #TheFaithJournals updates and generally entertaining, comical or FYI postings.

Lastly, you are invited to take this "Spring break" to catch up on past New Music Monday posts by typing "New Music Monday" into the blog search bar top left and a list of past posts will be pulled up for you to check out. Happy Reading and Happy Listening Y'all!!! See you May 2nd.

Nirvana - "In Bloom"
fr "Nirvana"
Sturgill Simpson - "In Bloom"
fr "A Sailors Guide to Earth"

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