Tuesday, April 12, 2016

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In the midst of a battle it is sometimes impossible to fathom the why. I have found myself, as of late, in a constant state of inquisitiveness. Why? How? Why? When? Why? Where? Why? Sensing a pattern?! I KNOW that for at least the last seven days, probably longer had I made better mental note of it, but for at LEAST the last seven days ALL of my statements to God have begun with "why?". "Why is this happening? Why now? Why here? Why does no one in a position of aid seem to feel as seriously as I do? Why am I going through this? Why is pain the only avenue in which You can teach me whatever it is You're trying to teach me? Why one more thing? One person can only carry so many things.". So, that last one didn't begin with "why", but you catch my drift. I feel as though the more answers I receive from this world the more questions I have for my Savior. Not one drop of it makes sense to me right now. Not. One. Drop. And I'll be honest in saying it is dragging me further down than I've ever been and in EVERY. SINGLE. WAY. God is known for taking His time while teaching a life lesson, making a point or leaving a mark - Joeseph, David, Rachel, Mary, His own Son!!!!! The list is as endless as my "whys". But, But! But. I hold on. If even by the tiniest of threads, I hold on. Because I believe that the God I ask my "why" to is a God of purpose. Because I believe the God that has me waiting has further vision for and of my life than I do. Because I believe the God I serve desires and plans only the best for His children. I may not "feel" it now or have ANY of the answers I think I need, but He is still in control and He still has the answers. I'll get them in time, I suppose. I hope. Hope. Hang on. If even by the tiniest of threads or the smallest glimpses of light. Hope. Hold on. Just wanted to share a little real life with ya today. With all that said......

......I share my journey because I do not want one piece of me to feel as though any piece of me was wasted. I also strongly believe that sharing in our highs and lows doesn't just minister to our hearts and situations, but to others as well. Isolation is the devils go-to for so many of us. Not sharing would only please the enemy. It is because of those two beliefs in particular that I am so grateful for others who also share their walk and the things they are currently gleaning from it and from their relationship with Him. Today I want to share a video from  Autumn Miles founder of The Blush Network and a ol' LU friend. I came across Autumn's post for today shortly after I posted the above paragraph to intstagram. It was very much something I needed to hear today. I've been hearing a lot of other peoples thoughts, suggestions and discouragement and I needed this reminder that when you are a path ordained by God, people are going to have some discouraging things to say. It is a attack from the enemy. He wants nothing more than to get you off track. Anyway, I needed this and I thought one of you might too! "Let God work", so powerful!!!!!

Autumn Miles founder of The Blush Network


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