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~ New Music Monday ~ Who Run the World? Girls. ~ April 4th ~

Just a FYI that I am writing this post pre-ACM airing and setting it to automatically post at a particular time. So, if it a little bit seems odd that I do not reference something that happened at the ACM's in correlation with the #NewMusicMonday artists of this week, that is what's up. Never fear fellow music and award show lovers, I will be posting my ACM recap in just a few days. If ever you are interested in my play by play thoughts on a award show head over to facebook and ask to be a "friend" or "follow" me. Yes, I know that is something most people do on Twitter, but I am just not ready to add another social media account to my virtual socialness. I can only pretend to care about so many things social media wise, and I have chosen Instagram (because there is room for creativity), Facebook (because more friends from afar and fam use it for keeping up) and The Faith Journals. So, until I can decide if Twitter is worth the work I shall live "tweet" from my facebook.

Now, while we wait for the ACM recap let's discuss some #WomenOfCountry. I am severely suffering from ACM FOMO (Fear of Missing Out Academy of Country Music Awards Style) right now. Thursday kicked off the weekend events surrounding the ACM awards with the "Guitar Pull" concert benefiting St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Kelsea Ballerini, Charles Kelly, and Kip Moore are just a few of the performers from the concert and Friday began the ACM Party for a Cause Concert Weekend. First up for the musical weekend was a major dose of Women of Country. Martina McBride, Cam, Kelsea Ballerini, Maddie & Tae, and many more will be performing all afternoon well into the evening when headliner Carrie Underwood will close the day out.

Speaking of Carrie Underwood, she is our first share on this #NewMusicMonday with the announcement that "Church Bells" will be her third single off of "Storytellers". This week Carrie shared with her social media followers that "Church Bells" will be the next upcoming single from "Storytellers" and that she was so excited that the fans are already responding to the song so powerfully. The official vid isn't out just yet so, I'm going to share the audio. Underwood has referred to it as the sister to Rebas' , "Fancy". I LOVE this song and there are such visuals that naturally happen when you listen to it. I think it is a real country song and is a tune that deserves to be on a album titled, "Storytellers". I am looking forward to what the video will end up looking like. I think there are a variety of ways to go, but I am hoping that they somewhat follow what I think would be the "natural" visuals that come with the lyrics. Carrie is rumored to be performing "Church Bells" at the April 3rd Academy of Country Music Awards show and I am excited to hear it live and see what kind of mood she puts into it fashion and stage presence wise. Here is the audio for "Church Bells", what do you think ?

Carrie Underwood - "Church Bells"
fr "Storyteller"
Loretta Lynn ft Willie Nelson
"Lay Me Down" fr Lynn's album
"Full Circle"
I shared in The Faith Journals #NewMusicMonday post titled, "Lorettas's 70th" that I was anxious to hear what song would be the first released from Loretta Lynn's newest album , 70th album drop of her career. 70th!!!!! I am not disappointed, as if that was even an option with Loretta. Her first single is "Lay Me Down" a duet with Willie Nelson. Loretta in her signature ball gown and Willie in his signature braids, this is a beautiful collaboration. This isn't the first time the two have sang together, but I think that it is kinda special considering this is her 70th album. Lynn and Nelsons vocals compliment one another so well on this track that it is impossible to imagine anyone else singing on it. Nelson tends to have a natural vibrato when he sings. It is just apart of his vocal style and makes him stand out rather distinctly when you hear him through your speakers. You don't have to look to a title or written out credits to know it is him. And on this song I think that Loretta works her voice to have a similar vibrato. It isn't what I consider her normal singing style, but it is just as beautiful and totally works. I think it just shows her talent and her organic way of hearing other artists. Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

BTS of the making of "Peter Pan" official video
courtesy of Entertainment Tonight
Kelsea Ballerini - "Peter Pan"
fr "For the First Time
So, ok, I am down with the lyrics and even the sound of this tune. I actually love both quite a bit and I have been a fan of both ‪#‎LoveMeLikeYouMeanIt‬ as well as ‪#‎Dibs‬. So, mental note that before you accuse me of hating. I am a Kelsea Ballerini fan!!!! Deal with it. Being a fan of an artist doesn't mean that you are going to or that you have to like & approve of every single move they make. They're human, as are you, and no one can 100% please 100% of the population 100% of the time.  That said, I like that Kelsea has a part in writing her music as well as playing it, but.....BUT, I do think she is very much being marketed as a Taylor Swift replacement for the country music industry and its working. And I suppose there is nothing really all that wrong with that. Perhaps a natural reaction by the industry when "losing" an artist to another genre. Kelsea has even been inducted into Swifts "Girl Squad" by T.Swizzle herself (see also: Instagram photo's/vids) and all on its own that doesn't a Taylor replacement make. But I think that seemingly, normally, some of the "Taylor" esq qualities that Ballerini has are just how Ballerini is. We haven't hung out, so I mean, who knows. I am just taking a guess and having some hope that she is as lovely on the inside as she appears on the outside. Again, all on its' own none of this is a real "issue".....UNTIL I see the desert scene of Ballerinis' newest video for "Peter Pan". It is a GORGEOUS video. Do NOT get it twisted. Absolutely beautiful, but as the voice over begins and the lens starts closing in on a desert scene, the first place my mind goes is to the Taylor Swift video for her single, "Trouble" as well as her video for "Out of the Woods". Both have voice overs in the intro and outro of the vid contemplating the true heart of a particular man. I think that had another artist done a similar video my mind wouldn't have necessarily associate the two as much. I also get a little Carrie Underwood in the Brad Paisley video for "Remind Me". I imagine it would be extremely difficult to deny the idea of wearing beautiful dresses, amazing make up while dramatically walking in the desert with the wind perfectly, dramatically, and romantically blowing your dress into the sky. I doubt I'd be able to resist the opportunity myself. I am just saying that with such strong comparisons and the potentially, uncontrollable on the artists behalf, intentional marketing in the direction of being someone's replacement I would want to do things as different as possible so there could be no comparison. Does any of that make sense ?! Again, I LOVE THE SONG!!!! Also, I think that we have all had a "Peter Pan" relationship at some point in our lives and can relate very easily to these lyrics. Decide for yourself......
Kelsea Ballerini - "Peter Pan"
fr "The First Time"

Last, but not least is Dierks Bentleys' , "I'll Be the Moon". I know what you are thinking, Dierks is not a woman of country, but the female vocals he has collaborating on this tune, are. Maren Morris is the female you hear on this track. When I heard Dierks first single off of his upcoming album, "Black", I was honestly kinda disappointed. I do love a musical sequel, which is what "Somewhere on a Beach" is, it is the part two of "Drunk on a Plane". However, it just wasn't what I expect from someone with as much talent as Dierks. Yes, every artist has their right to expand and explore and even show their humor via music. I mean, hello, Brad Paisley is a PERFECT example of such, but that is something he has been doing since the very beginning of this career and so ,it is something we expect. We do not feel he is veering from his "roots" when he writes a cheeky tune. But for whatever reason with Dierks I felt a little like he was swaying to the "popular" or trend of the moment. I think it was more of a fear than anything. After the popularity of certain songs/artists that tend to make my ears bleed, I just feel like it is hard to know who to trust anymore. LOL!!! But for real. As you know I LOVE Maren Morris and think she is going to make a impact on country music, especially women in country music. So, when I heard that she and Elle King had collaborated on the "Black" album with Bentley I got giddy and oh so hopeful. Hearing this song I can see that I am right in feeling hopeful. Give it a listen and I dare you to try and tell me it isn't amazing. Dierks upcoming album, "Black" is set to release early May. If you head over to Dierks website and pre order the album you also get exclusive pre release tracks, first to know info, your official "Black Card" and more.


Dierks Bentley fr Maren Morris
"I'll Be the Moon" fr "Black"
Coming Soon
Happy Listening Y'all !!!! 

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