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~ New Music Monday ~ March 14th ~ Loretta's 70th ~

Little Big Town @ the O2 in London
Pic fr Little Big Town's Instagram

It feels as though the past two weeks I have been consumed by following artists and festivals social media while day dreaming of being in Australia , Glasgow , Dublin , and London . Many of the country music community are currently over seas in Australia for the CMC Rock Festival , CMC Awards and in Glasgow or London for C2C . Both have become huge festivals that highlight many American country artists . I am suffering from the largest bout of FOMO ( fear of missing out ) I have ever felt . I'm not usually one that battles with FOMO , but man o man is my little music loving heart hurtin' !!!! It is on my list and I wanna say that one day , O ONE DAY!!!!! I will attend one or both of these festivals in one capacity or another .

I don't have to know what has been happening
in this picture in order to call shenanigans .
Kip Moore , Lee Brice , & Jaren Johnston
@ CMC Rocks Festival in Australia
Pic fr Kip Moore Insta .

The Story Behind - " Unlove You "

Now to start weeks #NewMusicMonday  we are going to begin with an update . Several weeks ago we shared the audio for Jennifer Nettles newest single , " Unlove You " . You can read that post by clicking here . This weekend she released the official video to CMT and I presume it will soon be available on YouTube and Vevo . Until it is available eeerrrryyyywhere you can click on this link
--> Jennifer Nettles - Unlove You to view the beautiful video that is currently on . Nettles co-wrote " Unlove You " with her current tour mate on the CMT Next Women of Country tour , Brandy Clark . Clark and Nettles each have a flare for telling the truth in a way that is raw , maybe a bit idealistic , but relatable all at the same time . It is a style that I very much appreciate . The video is visually stunning as is Nettles in it . It is difficult to not be drawn in instantly by both . If she didn't seem so nice , I'd just hate her . LOL!!!! But , as it stands , she seems like BFF material if we ever were to meet . Back to the tunes , I would encourage you to click the link highlighted or head over to and give the vid a glance . It truly is gorgeous which is no real surprise when considering Trey Fanjoy directed . Fanjoy is also responsible for Cam's , " Burning House " video as well as many others . It'd take a day to list them all .

Keeping on the Next Women of Country Tour theme I am sharing a tune from Brandy Clark . " Girl Next Door " is Clarks latest release and per usual hits a nerve that no one else seems willing to hit . Clark is not hesitant to tell you who she is and in this tune she isn't hesitating to tell you who she is not !! I have yet to see an " official " video , so today I'll post the lyric vid . I think when being exposed to a new song , lyric videos are always helpful . Clark isn't a name that people who just listen to radio play may be all that familiar with . She has written and co-written many tunes you probably know by heart . She has multiple Grammy , CMA and ACM nominations under her belt along with several charting tunes . One that you may be more familiar with is " Stripes " . Released several years ago it is the tale of a woman faced with the idea that shooting the man cheating on her would equal having wearing stripes for life . I love it !!!! It is a tune I return to often . It is truthful , cheeky , and just flat out feminine in a " I own my own gun " kind of way .

Brady Clark - " Girl Next Door "

                        The Story Behind " The Girl Next Door " told by Brandy Clark

Last on this #NewMusicMonday is the one and only Loretta Lynn . Last week Mrs . Lynn released her 70th record . SEVENTIETH !!!!!! I ' ma give you a second to let that settle in . This is her first album in over ten years . Her last production was headed by Jack White and produced several number ones including my favorite , " Portland Oregon " . 12 years - ish since her last album , 70 albums in and Loretta Lynn is still writing and producing music that is in line with the world around her . Last week she was a guest on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live and was as charming as ever . I love her way . Her way of speaking , her way of dealing with interviews , her way of writing , everything !!! She is a real true example of not letting the bright lights change ya . In line with the release of the new album , " Full Circle " , there is a episode of " American Masters " on PBS featuring Loretta's life and the making of this newest album . I caught the second half of it the other night and was enraptured . I can't wait to watch the entire episode . I feel like Loretta , if she isn't already , would be a fan of writers/singers like Jennifer Nettles and Brandy Clark so , sharing them all with you in this weeks #NewMusicMonday just felt right . There isn't an official video yet to go with any of Loretta's new music , but I am gonna share her iconic , " Coal Miners Daughter " with you to hold ya over .

Loretta Lynn - " Coal Miners Daughter "

REMINDER!!!!!!!!!VOTE!!!!REQUEST!!!!!! This week Kip Moore's , " Running For You " went up four more spots to #8 on GAC's Top 20 , however , it did not chart on CMT's HOT 20 . SOOOOOOOOO thanks to everyone who voted on the GAC count down and hey what's up to all who didn't vote on CMT's count down ???!!!! LOL !!!!

To vote on GAC's Top 20 you can click HERE and vote up to ten times a day !!!!

To vote on CMT's Hot 20 you can click HERE .

Don't forget , Kip Moore's " Running for You " is just in it's , I wanna say third week on the count down and now we also have a new vid from The Cadillac Three and Jennifer Nettles entering the count downs . I am also expecting a video from Cam will be out soon for her newest single , " May Day " . So , get to voting so we can see these great pieces of work on display !!

Kip Moore - " Running For You "
fr " Wild Ones "
Also , keep requesting with your local radio stations . You can tweet , text , fb , insta , e-mail , call or even snail mail in those requests . Making a request once a day/week/month makes a difference for these songs and the artists putting them out there .

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