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~ New Music Monday ~ A Return to our Regularly Scheduled Listening ~ February 29th ~

I am so happy to be working on this post . You have no idea !!!!! As mentioned in prior posts it has been a tough few weeks and I am working on returning to my version of " normal " . Part of that " normal " is you guys !!!! Sometimes I write my posts earlier and schedule their posting , but other times I write on the day of . It is simply how my way of creativity works . That was the case for the last few weeks . I didn't have any of my thoughts out on paper/computer and so nothing was scheduled for posting . It made me sad . BUT I am back and it is time for use to return to our regularly scheduled music talk . My lists have built up in the down time and so I am gonna do my best to get them , along with my thoughts in proper order .

Maren Morris - " My Church "
fr Self Titled EP
I am starting our return to normal with Maren Morris . Maren was apart of Miranda Lamberts " Pink Guitars and Road Side Bars " all female , girl power tour earlier in the Winter . She will be on tour this summer with Keith Urban on his " Rip Cord " tour along with Brett Eldridge . Maren is apart of the " Next Women of Country " and is currently the Apple Music artist to watch with her single , " My Church " . She performed last week with Chris Stapleton , her debut performance at the Ryman . I can not begin to imagine how unreal that felt . Your first Ryman performance and with Stapleton none the less . I wouldn't have been able to speak . Right now everyone is talking about Morris' debut single , " My Church " . While I absolutely love " My Church " and am of course going to share it with you here via Vevo , the song I am obsessed with right now is called " I Wish I Was " .

" I Wish I Was " opens with a beautiful , sweet , warm electric guitar and stays the path of a bluesy old country vibe both musically and lyrically . I am in LOVE with these lyrics . Y'all know I am a lyric kind of girl . These lyrics are our hearts verbalized when in a situation of being loved by someone so wonderful , but not being able to love them back . It is the , " It's not you , its me " set to music . I have been listening to it on repeat . If you have been wondering who to add to your play list , its Maren Morris .

Maren Morris - " I Wish I Was "
fr Self Titled EP
Kacey Musgraves cover " Yellow "
Royal Variety Show @
Royal Albert Music Hall 2015

I am sharing this cover of Coldplays , " Yellow " by Kacey Musgraves because it is so beautiful all the world should hear it . Not that all the world reads my blog , but you know what I mean . You all know I want to be Kacey when I grow up . This performance did not help that any . It is so simple it's perfect . She seems all kinds of nervous in my humble , what do I know , music lover , viewing opinion , but I feel like performing for the Royal family would probably do that to anyone . I follow Musgraves on Instagram and she posted a pick of her with Prince Harry post show and let's all be real , we would be a fluttery bunch of nerves too . I don't know that this version of " Yellow " is available anywhere for purchase so , for now this will have to do . Give it a listen . It's perfect .

Cam - " Mayday "
fr debut EP
" Untamed "

Next is Cam with her second radio single from her debut EP , " Untamed " , titled " Mayday " . I got " Untamed " for Christmas and think it is a beautiful debut album . I genuinely love every song on this EP and think each is something different from what is currently on Country radio . There are several songs that I could see being singles and I have my fingers crossed that " Cold in California " and/or " Village " see radio time at some point . While we wait to see all that will end up being released from " Untamed " we have " Mayday " that was just recently released to hold us over . Cam just finished touring , literally days ago , with Brad Paisley on the " Crushin' it Tour " . She will tour independent with her band up until she joins Dierks Bentley and Randy Howser on the " Somewhere On A Beach " tour this summer .

This has turned into a girl power post unintentionally , but hey , why not ?! I am gonna close this weeks #NewMusicMonday with Jennifer Nettles , " Unlove You " . Nettles recently switched record labels and I feel like , from where I sit , she is ready to release some new , beautiful , solo tunes . Nettles released her first solo album just over two years ago after taking a break from her duo , Sugarland . I am unsure after the success that Sugarland has had that it was possible for a solo project to feel " successful " no matter how it charted . I have the album and love it , but I believe only one of its tracks actually made it to main stream , " That Girl " , which charted well and did well on video charts . Since becoming a musical solo Nettles has also starred on Broadway as Roxie Hart in  " Chicago " , stared in Dolly Parton's , " Coat of Many Colors " on NBC as Dolly's mother Avie Lee Parton , hosted CMA Country Music Christmas variety show on CBS for what I want to say is the third time , maybe , all this along with working on a upcoming album . She is also currently touring with the lyrical fire cracker that is Brandy Clark and several other up and coming female artists on the CMT's Next Women of Country tour . I mean , sister is busy . I have no idea how she does it all , but am totally impressed by it . I look forward to hearing what the rest of this album ends up being . I haven't seen any prospective release dates , that may be me missing something , but at least we have " Unlove You " to hold us over . Those of you that follow me regularly are accustom to my sometimes odd way of speaking . So , the following sentence shouldn't sound out of place to you , but this song hurts in all the right ways . It's the feelings/emotions of a break up you knew had to happen , wouldn't have done it different , it hurts , your heart may even be broken , but it still feels right . Decide for yourself and give it a listen . There isn't an official vid yet , so this audio will work for now .

Jennifer Nettles - " Unlove You "

Oh my stars it feels so good to be writing and talking about music with you all !!!!! Two weeks away was two weeks too many for me . I hope that you enjoy this weeks #NewMusicMonday offerings and show these ladies some support by downloading their albums , buying the actual in hand copy , and/or start voting for them on radio and video charts . Yes , that one call a day/week/month truly makes a difference . Tweeting , Facebook-ing , Instagram-ing , e-mailing , calling and even snail mailing in your requests to radio is one of the quickest/easiest/inexpensive ways of supporting your favorite artists and songs . Online voting for video countdowns literally takes seconds . Time yourself and see . You have a say in radio/video play !!!!!

For past #NewMusicMonday posts you just type " New Music Monday " in the blog search bar and it should provide you with a list of past posts . What are you listening to this week ? Please feel free to share in the comments !!!!

Happy Listening !!!!!

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