Tuesday, February 9, 2016

~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ Day 9 ~ Single but Taken ~

So , I have tried to post this multiple times & failed . Making me feel even more so that I am "suppose" to share it . The enemy is tech savvy these days . Anyway , this is my current "relationship status" & I know that folks struggle to understand it sometimes . But I also know the current state of my heart is a gift . It has taken a long time & a lot of heart break to get here , but I am grateful to feel this way .
While I don't currently believe that #WifeLife is apart of my God written story , I know that He can change things in a blink and I wouldn't want you to believe that I never struggle with singleness . I surely do . Mostly in times where I have grown weary of "having" to be a #IndependentWoman . Like when I am sick & have to go looking like 3 shades of death to the store to get necessities or when I have issues w my car/internet . Times like that & others I think it'd be nice to have a understanding someone who can help . But that's not my #currently & though tackling those kinds of things on my own sometimes feels like running in Jell-o , I am still thankful when I do . I feel so accomplished , I throw my hands up , do a Rocky lap while humming the Rocky theme . Without the times of struggle I wouldn't be able to appreciate the times of triumph . I know that God can change every aspect of my life/story in one heart beat . I pray to always have a heart where that's possible .
I think when we are honest with our times of struggle it gives the Lord more room to work for us & through us.  Pretending to have it all together all the time is exhausting & pointless . This may not express all my struggles with singleness , but know that I have them too . That's the other weapon the enemy loves to use , "you're the only one" . That's a lie!!!! You're not!!!! Others struggle w the same things you do . Do NOT be deceived . I suppose my point is , be grateful for where you are now & know that God is at work FOR you . Things could change in a instant . Let Him use your now . Be real with the struggle/accomplishments . We are in this together .
The real reason I stay single . JUST KIDDING !!
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