Sunday, February 28, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ On Sunday ~ The Grammys ~ To Be Continued ~

I had plans of recapping the Grammys and comparing who won vs . my predictions (click here to see predictions) , but that did not happen . Any of you that follow me on instagram know that I have been man down for several weeks and am trying to return to my version of " normal " . It has me feeling so far behind on everything . Any who , I am doing my best to catch up and do still plan to do a Grammy recap about the predictions and what actually happened . I have some beautiful , thoughtful , amazing friends who recorded it for me and we will watch it together soon .

Until then , I have watched the Bowie tribute by Lady Gaga and wanted to share that with you . Personally , I loved it . I thought the arrangement was perfect . I could see no one doing as good a performance as Gaga . Especially considering Bowie's stage theatrics and style . He was known for being different than everyone else in basically every way and I feel that Gaga is one of the few artists who could truly tap into that emotion for this kind of performance . I also think Bowie would have seriously dug the multi-media approach of the opening of the performance . I know I did . I thought it was perfectly creative and yet so very Bowie .

Lady Gaga - David Bowie Tribute -
2016 Grammys

Post Grammy's David Bowie's son posted on Twitter that he was not impressed with the tribute . I was kinda shocked , but ya never know what is going on in someone else's mind . Maybe it was too soon for him ? Maybe he isn't a Gaga fan ? Maybe he just didn't like it . This last week Lorde did a Bowie tribute and he tweeted out his support . The performance was fiercely different and very simple in comparison to Lady Gaga's so , maybe it simply an aesthetic thing ?! Maybe he is just a less is more type of fella . Who knows ?!

Either way , I give Lady Gaga props for this tribute and think it was one of her finest performances to date . I have watched the video several times and kinda wish it was a track . That's how much I loved it .

RIP - Goblin King - May your creative bravery forever be an influence in music .

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