Wednesday, February 24, 2016

~ New Music Monday On Wednesday ~ Coming Soon ~ Charles Billingsly's "Right Here" ~

As I mentioned several weeks ago I am very excited to be apart of the launch team for the upcoming album from Charles Billingsly titled , " Right Here " . I have been so excited to hear some of the tracks that will be on the album in advance and as expected , they are fabulous .

We are just around two weeks away from the official release date of March 4th . If we are FB friends or you follow me on Instagram then you have gotten to hear some of the sound bites shared . I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you on the entire album , but until then I wanted to share this quick promo vid . Charles is not a difficult person to support or promote and I think after watching this video you will understand why .

And before you start second guessing yourself , yes , that is Meredith Andrews helping out on the female bgv's and cameo-ing in the vid . I love when two talented , like minded / hearted artists collaborate . Meredith just dropped her most recent studio album a few days ago titled , " Deeper " . I wanna say this is her fourth studio album , but I may be off one . My mind is not at 100 % this week . As with Charles , I expect nothing , but excellence from Meredith and her team . I have only had the time to listen to " Soar " the first single off the album so far and I LOVED it . It is so spot on for my world right now . I am really looking forward to hearing the entire record soon .

As I shared with my social media followers , skip a couple Starbucks or fast food meals this week and use the money to down load or order both " Right Here " and " Deeper " . I can assure you that these albums will do far more for you than the caffeine boost will . And I am saying that as a serious lover of coffee so , you know I'm serious . LOL !!!

The " regular " #NewMusicMonday posts should return this coming Monday . Until then , I hope to get some catching up done so that we are up to date and back on track for our regularly scheduled music discussions . For past #NewMusicMonday posts you can type " New Music Monday " into the search bar and it should bring up past posts .

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