Thursday, February 4, 2016

~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ Day 1 ~

~ #InstaLove ~
~ Day 1 ~
~ Let's Switch Focus ~

Don't let yourself be discouraged or defeated by the things that haven't happened yet . How about we concentrate on something that can happen right now ??!! I wanna challenge you to a random act of kindness . It doesn't have to be on Valentines or even for Valentines , specifically . Instead of being consumed by things you want, the discouragement you may be feeling and the waiting that sometimes happens when waiting on God , for anything , take some time to look beyond yourself . Look around . Who might benefit from a thoughtful surprise ? A letter in the mail ? An encouraging word ? Who around you would be so blessed by an invitation to a meal out ? Love isn't all about romance . Love is about no matter the title of the relationship , giving what has been so freely and abundantly given to us by our heavenly Father , away . We are given an immeasurable amount of love so that we can give immeasurable amounts of love . My goal leading up to Valentines is to share some #InstaTruth #InstaEncouragement & #InstaLove every day .

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